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She is definitely the definition of a BOTTOM FEEDER

Teen Vogue’s Lauren Duca rips ‘evil’ Rev. Billy Graham: ‘Have fun in hell’ A controversial Teen Vogue columnist known for lobbing verbal bombs has topped herself with an especially vile tweet about beloved evangelist Billy Graham, who died Wednesday at … Continue reading

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Even by California’s standards …..

Fox California teacher who slammed military refuses to quit, but is condemned by city council This billy goat looking anti-American is pissing off everyone with his anti-military comments; even some of the people in the most liberal state in the … Continue reading

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Constantly stretching the facts

There has been some information circulating on the internet that Oprah has suggested that the white man has to die.  I call that nonsense. I am the 1st one that will chastise or hold someone feet to the fire that … Continue reading

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Necessity is the MOTHER of invention

Connecticut man had sex with girlfriend’s corpse in hope of reviving her, police say We have mouth to mouth, chest compressions and a few other accepted procedures that are used as life saving techniques as the old standards. Now a … Continue reading

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