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Those who live in glass castles …..

What a mouth on this one. I really don’t have a problem with any person expressing themselves however they see fit. But for sure, theoretically it sure isn’t ladylike (if such a creature still exists). The way I see it, … Continue reading

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From a hero to a zero in 30 seconds

Federal authorities reportedly battled over direction of Clinton email investigation About a month ago; the Clintons’ were so elated that the FBI director ruled in their favor; there was a rumor circulating  by people close to the family, if Wild Bill … Continue reading

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Puppeteer pulling the strings

CBS Attorney general disagreed with FBI director’s decision to alert Congress to Hillary Clinton-related emails I didn’t take long for the head puppeteer to pull the strings in an attempt to halt the FBI’s new investigation into Bill’s Bride email … Continue reading

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Not a George Washington

USA Today For the Record’s week in review: ‘Damn emails’ are back:                                                         … Continue reading

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I now believe in the tooth-fairy

Like Judas; I want to stick my hand in the wound before I believe it. There have been so many letdowns before where justice was not served, that I will be pleasantly surprised if the FBI follows through what they are … Continue reading

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Prostitution at its fines

FOX411 HOME CELEBRITY NEWS MOVIES TV MUSIC STYLE VIDEO MATURE Kim Kardashian’s sex tape gets virtual reality treatment The matriarch of the clan had to be the orchestrator and director of little TIT bit. There are no limits to … Continue reading

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Get out the Duct Tape

Cubs even World Series behind Arrieta’s arm, Schwarber’s bat It has been a very good start to an exciting World Series between the Indians and the Cubs. I am surprised that the game hasn’t been picketed by some irate Indian … Continue reading

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ALL lives matter fool

Singer says 76ers nixed her National Anthem performance over ‘We Matter’ jersey Glad to see the 76’s have some balls and not only the ones they dribble. Sevyn Streeter was wearing a black jersey with the words “We Matter” sprawled … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t you get your hat??

CNN ISIS leaders may flee Mosul as their ranks are decimated That is the good news. On the other side of the coin; if someone that was a very formidable adversary of yours sent you a SINGING telegram and told you … Continue reading

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