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With a 15.00$ pole

  The old saying is; they have a leg up on the competition. We are going to have a new slant on that. They now have a pole up on the the wall!!   With a 15.00$ pole and some … Continue reading

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How do we spell parasite? Salcido

California teacher slams military members as ‘lowest of the low’ in classroom rant caught on video What we have here is another ungrateful worm who is not only slandering fool, BUTT most probably a coward. In a video, this piece … Continue reading

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Another giant step for mankind

Iran protests: How Trump can strike a fatal blow against a dangerous, tyrannical regime PDT threw his red USA hat into the ring by showing his support and backing the very brave protesters in Iran who are publicly taking a … Continue reading

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Denny’s last hug????

Dennis Rodman says Kim Jong Un ‘probably’ a madman, ‘but I didn’t see that’ I think it would be safe to say, after that remark Denny is no longer welcome in the Country of Doom.  By now The Kid has … Continue reading

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Piss on them; Semper Fi Style

Court overturns Marine sniper’s conviction for urinating on dead Taliban fighters A military court on Wednesday overturned the conviction of a former Marine sniper involved in urinating on dead Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan in 2011 after evidence emerged that a … Continue reading

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PDT hits a few grand-slams

Very Very presidential. WOW If anyone who listened to PDT’s UN speech can come away with anything but positivism, there has to be some thing drastically wrong with them. If anyone who listened to PDT’s speech can find a … Continue reading

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Land of Pine Trees – excessive rain and droves of PC-pathetics

FOX News Court shouldn’t have ruled against high school football coach who lost his job for praying In the Land of Pine Trees – excessive rain and many PC-pathetics, as in many other parts of the country, this PC obsession … Continue reading

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