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Let history live

Controversial removal of Confederate monuments starts in New Orleans: WHY?? What did the Confederates believe in? The Confederate States of America believed in several things that differed from the views of the North. Much of the South believed in the … Continue reading

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House cleaning Russian style

Five months, eight prominent Russians dead Washington (CNN)The brazen daytime slaying of a Russian politician outside a Ukrainian hotel this week brings to eight the number of high-profile Russians who have died over the past five months since the US … Continue reading

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Un F@&%*&N believable

I can truly  say I am at a loss for words; almost.  Shock – disbelief – pleasantly surprised – ecstatic – jubilant – over joyed are just some of my sentiments. About 2301 hrs last night I said to myself; … Continue reading

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Please abuse me; I love it!!!!

Businessman is first American detained by Iran since nuclear deal: I have said it so many times that my jaw is getting sore. Once anyone allows a bully to kick their ass and they do not fight back; they might … Continue reading

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Mea culpa – mea culpa me to death why don’t you

University of Louisville president slammed for Halloween photo in ‘Mexican’ costume: Mea culpa – mea culpa –  mea maxima culpa is getting to be the standard cry from all of the subservient fools to the PC world.  Get some backbone … Continue reading

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Quadruple standards

Jailed Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Offers ‘Remedy’ in Same-Sex Marriage License Battle: The PC crackpots that run this country should hang their heads in shame for sending a innocent person to jail for following her legitimate religious beliefs. Religious freedom should … Continue reading

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Stay home if it is raining while in Russia

Mess with the bull you get the horns; mess with the Judo Guy you get the mat or possibly a pine box:              Val’s most formidable opponent, former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov was shot … Continue reading

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