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Just another copycat nut case

Austin serial bombing suspect killed in dramatic confrontation; ID’d as 24-year-old man Today the fool blew himself to bits.  I don’t want to use his name to help glorify his cause. In his sicko deranged mind, he and others like … Continue reading

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The hanging rope will be getting longer …

Weinstein Co files for bankruptcy, ends all non-disclosure agreements The arrogance and stupidity of this worm is incomprehensible. He had it all; was one of the wealthiest people in Hollywood and he blew it. People stood in line to kiss … Continue reading

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Three headline – three disasters

Calif. judge bars LA from enforcing gang restrictions that authorities credited with reducing crime Georgia police officer ‘kidnapped’ by gang members during traffic stop caught on video, officials say Domestic terrorist that killed police officers gets parole reading

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Enough with the Orenthal circus

Why the O.J. Simpson interview is ludicrous I am sure that most people have heard the old cliche; squeezing blood out of a turnip. That is exactly what the media is doing with this mad-man killer every-time they air another … Continue reading

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From scumbag to locked up scumbag

Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years in prison for fraud If anyone believes in poetic justice or Mr. Karma; this is a very good example of both. An over abundance of arrogance and greed can be killers as Skavoosie found … Continue reading

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Possible solution to the gun violence, if ….

One sure-fire way of eliminating the gun violence in this country is for the media not to publicize the events as they occur. Being that I know that’s an impossibility, I guess we all are in it for the long … Continue reading

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Run of the Mill???

Fox News Dem ‘cannabis candidate’ accused of abusing women, overstating ‘Iraq veteran’ claim Just how many of the PC – Boulder Rolling – left-wingers who have been relentless trying to dig up dirt on PDT have skeletons in their closet?? … Continue reading

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