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Condi hit the nail on the head

Condoleezza Rice: Kim Jong Un is ‘actually pretty clever’ (CNN) Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she thinks North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is “turning out, much more so than I thought, to be actually pretty clever.” The … Continue reading

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Seal of disapproval

Fox News Seal calls out Oprah Winfrey for hypocrisy, calls her ‘part of the problem’ Internationally renowned musician Seal trashed Oprah Winfrey on social media just days after her widely praised speech at the Golden Globe Awards on sexual misconduct … Continue reading

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Texas scumbag couple

Fox News Texas couple ordered to pay nanny $121G in restitution By now I think everyone knows where I stand with scumbags. An eye for an eye and a beating for a beating. In this very sad and pathetic case, … Continue reading

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Addicted addict

Matt Lauer still sending notes to ‘Today’ producers, report says Can’t let go Lousy Lauer is still under the illusion he is part of the Today Show.  From inside the cave where he is hiding, he continually is critiquing different … Continue reading

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Dirty as Aunt Lucy’s skivvies

State Department releases Huma Abedin emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop The # 1 questions should be; what is Abedin doing sharing classified information with her perverted. kinky hubby? Abedin was the left-hand lady for CHC for many years. She … Continue reading

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PC-pathetic, Passive governing does not work

Gianno Caldwell: ‘Black Lives Do Not Matter to Rahm Emanuel, Black Votes Do’ PC-pathetic, passive, permissive governing does not work. It is as plain as the cut off middle finger on Emanuel’s right hand. The rumor is; Ram gave some … Continue reading

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Nefarious record

Huffington Post 2017 Was Mexico’s Deadliest Year On Record 23,101 murder investigations were launched in the year’s first 11 months. WOOOOOW!! They must be ingesting a lot of Loco Weed south of the boarder. Those out of control gun slingers … Continue reading

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