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Regress instead of progress

CBS 260,000 graduates in minimum wage jobs: Is this what our government considers real progress? The ironic thing about this is; I would bet that out of the 260,000 people that this effects about 259,000 of them voted for Obama. … Continue reading

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Win or lose it doesn’t matter

NCAA March Madness: Arizona fans clash with police after tournament loss: Some fans in Arizona have demonstrated what they think is the true meaning of sports is. It is not only in the USA where sports fans seem to correlate … Continue reading

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Why; because he can

Ukraine PM warns on ‘huge possibility’ of Russian invasion amid troop buildup: There are a couple of reasons why Putin is flexing his muscles. Number one because he can and two there is no one to stop him in that … Continue reading

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Digging deeper on D-troit

Tigers Agree To Pay Miguel Cabrera A Record-Breaking $292 Million Over 10 Years: CAPTION: You dummies are paying my tab. Get ready to pay a lot more for pop corn, beer and hot dogs in D-troit, the price of poker … Continue reading

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Go get a real job guys

Huff Post BLACKVOICES Five Historic Icons Who Had A Reputation For Being Racist: They stared out with Walt Disney – Babe Ruth – Elvis – Thomas Jefferson and ended with John Wayne. These people must have a lot of time … Continue reading

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Rattus norvegicus

Giant rat: Swedes agog at ‘Ratzilla’ in Stockholm: How would you like to have this “Rattus norvegicus” AKA rat running around your kitchen.

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World Trade Center guard taking a siesta

ABC News World Trade Center Guard Caught Sleeping: I must have a crystal ball. I have been blogging about this very scenario for two days, now we have the pictures back it up. Not only was this guard photographed asleep … Continue reading

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Never trust anyone

Fox News 3-26-14 China waging ‘Three Warfares’ against United States in Asia, Pentagon says: China is waging political warfare against the United States as part of a strategy to drive the U.S. military out of Asia and control seas near … Continue reading

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Not all in vain

Senate Secretly Considered Alternate Ways For NSA To Collect Phone Data, Officials Say: Whether Edward Snowdon is a hero or a traitor only history will tell the story.  

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Here Kitty KItty

Video Games Promote Racist Thoughts & Behavior, Study Of White Gamers Suggests A study by some scholars at Ohio State University FINALLY came to the conclusion that violent video games are very detrimental to it’s users and can be blamed … Continue reading

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