It is just a Mirage folks – there is not a problem

State officials sound alarm on ObamaCare premium hikes, market ‘collapse’

Come on all of you nay-sayers to PDT’s plan to shit can Obamacare. You really don’t believe any of this crap that you so adamantly deny does not exist.

Brooke Singman

Insurance commissioners and officials from Alaska, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Washington state all testified before a Senate committee on the 2018 premium hikes, which are being finalized over the next few weeks. 

In Alaska, premiums have increased 203 percent since 2013, according to Lori Wing-Heier, the state’s director of the Division of Insurance.

You still believe that  the insurance in all of these states are all bull-shitting. There really isn’t a problem?? Wake up and smell the premiums. The only reason the politicians will not get off their dead ass is, they do not have the same health-care plan all the little people do.

Get your heads out of where the sun doesn’t shine and accept the reality instead of being out of touch sheep that are jumping off the cliff.



Issue of national interest should not be about politics, about hating the person that was elected as President of the USA, it should be about dollar$ and $en$e/cent$ and what is best for all Americans.  What does it take to convince a fool that they are a fool??

State officials sound alarm on ObamaCare premium hikes, market ‘collapse’

BUT, like anything else in this country, such as its infrastructure; the salamis’ that run the show ALWAYS wait until the bridges collapse before they do anything about repairing them. The word PROACTIVE is non-existent in their very limited vocabulary.If the politicians spent as much time the on necessities as they do arguing like 1st graders and planning where to go on their next break, we might really get something accomplished in this country.

I have done many posts on the worthless, self-serving, lazy, overpaid, under-worked, narcissistic politicians; they are sickening.  How in the name of commonsense can ANYONE justify working as little as the congress and senate does when there are so many unsettled problems in this country to be taken care of. It is a sacrilege and unconscionable.   These bums work and avergae of 142 days a year and when they do show up, they can’t get their heads out of the pampered ass and accomplish anything.

I used many examples of their lackadaisical attitude when it comes to being on the job and their performance.  They are like a doctor that would walk out of a life saving surgery for his two week vacation when the procedure was only half completed.

They are nothing but a TOTAL DISGRACE to humanity.  Can they ever get their heads together and do something constructive for this country??

The the hell is the answer.

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