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Wake up Steve; the damage is already done

Steve Hilton: Smartphones have turned us into tech-addicted zombies. Here’s why we should ban them for kids If Mr. Hilton thinks he or anyone else is going to make society do an about face with the electronic age, they better … Continue reading

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Pay me now or pay me later

Fears that ‘leaning’ San Francisco high-rise can’t survive earthquake In my humble construction opinion, the Leaning Tower of Frisco my not be able to withstand the vibrations of the trolley cars for much longer. The more top heavy from leaning … Continue reading

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Hey enemy – We are coming to get you

Capturing the swarm – CBS News A new generation of drones is coming. The U.S. military has used the remotely piloted vehicles for more than 15 years, but now the devices are capable of flying missions autonomously — and in … Continue reading

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What some call progress

This was sent to me by one of the Goomba Gazette’s roving reporters P.G.  I had to pass it on. In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their … Continue reading

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Sad to say but very close to the truth

  Technology is the greatest thing in the world if it isn’t taken to extremes as our; everloving – have to have – addictive –  be constantly on – rather text than eat – interrupter of all events – mind … Continue reading

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Brillant invention

The car that runs on AIR: Peugeot reveals plans for hybrid set to hit the streets next year: Now this is what I would consider a major advancement for mankind. Peugeot has developed a car that runs partially on air. … Continue reading

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Next one will be a bomb

 Drone with radioactive material found on Japanese Prime Minister’s office roof: Unfortunately people in general are not smart enough to understand that some potentially dangerous inventions/ideas/innovations should be nipped in the bud before these well intended advances go haywire and … Continue reading

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