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Hey enemy – We are coming to get you

Capturing the swarm – CBS News A new generation of drones is coming. The U.S. military has used the remotely piloted vehicles for more than 15 years, but now the devices are capable of flying missions autonomously — and in … Continue reading

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What some call progress

This was sent to me by one of the Goomba Gazette’s roving reporters P.G.  I had to pass it on. In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide. Within just a few years, their … Continue reading

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Sad to say but very close to the truth

  Technology is the greatest thing in the world if it isn’t taken to extremes as our; everloving – have to have – addictive –  be constantly on – rather text than eat – interrupter of all events – mind … Continue reading

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Brillant invention

The car that runs on AIR: Peugeot reveals plans for hybrid set to hit the streets next year: Now this is what I would consider a major advancement for mankind. Peugeot has developed a car that runs partially on air. … Continue reading

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Next one will be a bomb

 Drone with radioactive material found on Japanese Prime Minister’s office roof: Unfortunately people in general are not smart enough to understand that some potentially dangerous inventions/ideas/innovations should be nipped in the bud before these well intended advances go haywire and … Continue reading

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Its a bird – its a plane – no its a Maglev

Japan’s maglev train breaks its own speed record: Always late for work? Move to Japan and your tardiness will be a thing of the past. TOKYO – The Japanese Maglev train broke its own record. The train that sits slightly above the tracks, … Continue reading

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