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Trumps Waterloo

Trump still insists he didn’t insult reporter with disabilities, even with the video clearly showing his antics; now wants an apology for the accusation. If anything is going to bring down the Big Fella is his verbose personality and the … Continue reading

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For all the Jar Heads out there

  This article was written by Lt. Co. Ollie North USMC. He is so very eloquent in his explanation of what being a Marine and what the Marine Corps has meant to him. On a personal level; the Marine … Continue reading

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Black eye Friday

These shoppers sure know how to celebrate the holiday spirit. I think the powers to be should change the name of Black Friday to Black eye Friday. The shopping puglisitis are out in droves punching, scratch and kicking the shit … Continue reading

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Aminals come in all shapes a species

Suspected killer of pastor’s wife ‘watched her bleed out: Why does the legal system use the terms allegedly and suspected when  they have criminals dead to rights? Animals come in all shapes a species. We have four legged monsters – … Continue reading

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Another case of a poor example

Yet another reason it’s ridiculous Ray Lewis works for ESPN: On Sunday night, one day before commentating on Monday night’s Buffalo-New England game, Ray Lewis gave a pep talk to the Bills. It has been 13 years since two friends … Continue reading

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Hell is too good for this scumbag

Monk accused of abuse had 200 sexual partners, some were child prostitutes: Just another in the VERY long line of unacceptable charades/mortal sins the Catholic Church has perpetrated  on its flock. It appears that they lived by; do what I … Continue reading

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Gobble Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL the good citizens in the USA. Thanksgiving should not about how much turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, with all the other trimming, beer and wine we can jam down our throats then crash into our favorite … Continue reading

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