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Like taking Cod-Liver Oil …..

More states want recipients to earn benefits, end ‘bad habits,’ but eye help from Trump It is like taking cod-liver oil. I tastes so bad, BUTT it is necessary for good health. Way back, when social programs were set … Continue reading

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Slowly killing the working man in mind, body and financially

Robots Break New Ground in Construction Industry SAN FRANCISCO — As a teenager working for his dad’s construction business, Noah Ready-Campbell dreamed that robots could take over the dirty, tedious parts of his job, such as digging and leveling soil … Continue reading

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Talk about an imbecile

A teacher tells his class not to date African-Americans ‘because they are not worth it’ (CNN)A Florida teacher has been suspended after his school district concluded he repeatedly used the N-word in class, and told his 7th and 8th graders … Continue reading

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The teacher had no business teaching ….

Updated 0956 – 3/14/18 Fox High school teacher accidentally fires gun in classroom, injures student: police A high school teacher named Dennis Alexander who is also a reserve police officer for Sand City was providing what he thought were safety … Continue reading

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Good move for PDT or not???

Tillerson changes tune after Trump accepts meeting with North Korea’s Kim According to CNN; leader in fake news, Tillerson is out. Is that a good thing for the PDT administration or not, that remains to be seen. A wise person … Continue reading

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The arrogant blood sucking vampire got what he had coming

Shkreli must forfeit $7.36M in assets that may include Picasso, Wu-Tang Clan album “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli has been ordered by a federal judge to turn over $7.36 million in assets, which could include a Picasso painting and a rare … Continue reading

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Security my Keaster

Equifax breach worsens, sparking more concerns about consumers’ data RED FLAG FOLKS – THE SHOULD BE CONCERNED!! Anyone that trusts their MOST PERSONAL AND PRIVATE information to an outside source is a fool.  With the trust factor being in the … Continue reading

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