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Let a sleeping dog lie

“United Shades of America” returns Sunday I don’t know if it is just me; I am of the opinion that in some circumstances, the less said about a problem, the better the resolve is. Sometimes, we have to let nature … Continue reading

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Bewitched – bothered and bewildered

I guess the liberal media is still trying to figure out where Hillary went wrong. CNN ran an article called: Hillary Clinton’s big mistake? I can sum that up in a few words. Arrogance, overly confident, bad advisors, didn’t … Continue reading

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Pathetic Prof needs to be bitch slapped

(CNN) A Drexel University professor tweeted that he was “trying not to vomit or yell about Mosul” after he watched a first-class passenger give up his seat for a uniformed soldier on an airplane. Many on Twitter responded to the … Continue reading

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Destroying future generations

Whether the imbecile leaders of the far-left realize it or not they are creating panic and hysteria that is going to continue to trickle down through the generations.                          … Continue reading

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The Blind leading the bimbo

Huffington Post Noah Michelson  Editorial Director, The Huffington Post Voices Lady Gaga, We’re Begging You To Make Your Super Bowl Show A Huge Protest Don’t let us down ― we can’t take much more of that This is a plea … Continue reading

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Nutty professor

So many of us wonder why our kids walk into the front door of a college filled with enthusiastic, looking for an education, seeking guidance and four years later walking out the back door, demented and brainwashed by their professors. … Continue reading

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Maniacal Madonna

When Cyndi Lauper say someone has gone to extremes, that is saying a mouth-full. This out of control, crazed,  bombastic bitch, disgrace to motherhood  Madonna, ( I will refer to her as IT, ITcertainly is a disgrace to her namesake) … Continue reading

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