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Why not??

California lowers penalty for knowingly exposing partners to HIV Why not; in La La Land, yes means no, no means yes and they will disagree with anything that has any common-sense attached to it. (CNN)Starting January 1, 2018, it will … Continue reading

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Ask him no questions, he will tell you no lies

Steve Bannon hints at war within GOP, lashes out at Bush administration ‘idiots’ and mainstream media By all appearances, Steve Bannon is not the run of the mill Joe Schmow  that can be bamboozled, pushed around and manipulated easily. The … Continue reading

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Face to face – the best means of communication

U.S.: China sends ‘positive signals’ it will help defuse North Korea crisis What does a good salesman do when he want to get a point across or impress a client. He gets on a plane, makes a visit and does … Continue reading

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Hyper what? Hyperpolyglots

This Man Speaks 32 Different Languages: WOW!! I am having a hard time mastering the English language. Ioannis Ikonomou works for the European Commission as a translator. It’s a prestigious position, and yet it still sells him short. You see, … Continue reading

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Whats Up Doc

THE DOCTOR IS IN: Trump chooses Ben Carson as HUD secretary What a SHOT in the arm for the Trump administration!!  Doctor Ben is a special guy – a special doctor – a special friend and richly deserves to be on … Continue reading

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Brilliant deduction ladies

The next US president faces a world of trouble           By Nicole Gaouette and Elise Labott, CNN Updated 9:33 AM ET, Sat November 5, 2016 Nicole & Elise;  I have a news flash for you both. There … Continue reading

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Brillant move to shut down the skunks

Rapinoe’s bid to kneel for National Anthem thwarted by opposing team                              Fox News U.S. soccer star and Seattle Reign midfielder Megan Rapinoe was prevented by the opposing team, … Continue reading

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