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What is the big issue with Hitler

  Listening to the video of Spicer comparison to Hitler and Assad the Assassin, I do not see what all of the commotion is about. Spicer clearly says; as bad as Hitler was, at least he did not use chemical … Continue reading

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Senators differ on Trump’s use of military force, want Congress part of future action I may agree or disagree with PDT with his actions to bomb Syria, but getting Congress involved in future military actions has many downsides to it. … Continue reading

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May be the Yellow Brick Road??? Ivanka’s role raises red flags I happen to agree with CNN. I think there is a fine line PDT is walking when he hires/appoints/anoints family member and or close friends to positions in his administration. There is a … Continue reading

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The Shadow knows

According to FBI director Comey; it is his belief that Russia was attempting to help the Trump campaign and hurt the Clinton machine. Common-sense tells me that it doesn’t make sense, unless The Judo Guy and PDT are in bed … Continue reading

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There is Batman and Robin …..

Fox News Holder: Obama preparing to get back into political spotlight We have Batman and Robin – Superman and Supergirl –  Tarzan and Jane – Abbott and Costello – Gracie Allen and George Burns –  Martin and Lewis – Charlie … Continue reading

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Those who laugh last laugh the loudest

Bernie Sanders On Trump’s Discovery That Health Care Is ‘So Complicated’: LOL | The Huffington Post If there ever was a fool that should not laugh at anyone, let alone PDT, it is Bernie Baby. It may just be … Continue reading

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Open your eye and ears Mc

McCain says in order to ‘preserve democracy’ we can’t stifle media It appears that Senator McCain is just as deeef as the rest of the boulder rollers. Does McCain have a beef with PDT? Absolutely yes but that is old … Continue reading

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