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A friend in need, should be more selective ….

Clinton to endorse male ally Cuomo for NY Gov, snubs progressive female candidate OLD CHC probably feels bad that one of her staunchest supports got stuck with the bill for 200 rooms he booked for the night of her inauguration … Continue reading

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Whatever it takes …..

Gina Haspel promises not to restart CIA torture program if confirmed as director To start and end with, anyone that is opposed to water boarding or any other type of extreme interrogation method is way off base.¬† Have they ever … Continue reading

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She hasn’t caught on yet …

Michelle Obama still questioning why women voted for Trump in 2016 Former first lady Michelle Obama said Saturday that she was “concerned about us as women and how we think” in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Just like a beat up, old junk car …

Nancy Pelosi’s mistake on identity politics By Carrie Sheffield (CNN) Identity politics is dehumanizing, no matter who your target is. Sadly, Democrats don’t seem to realize this, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, arguably the most powerful Democrat in office. … Continue reading

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An insinuation is just as harmful …..

Trump: Top Dem. should resign after former VA nominee Jackson’s reputation ‘shattered’ All it takes is one insinuation, whether it’s right, wrong or a perhaps; false claims and finger pointing have been enough to destroy people’s lives forever. Nothing can … Continue reading

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Did she say deserve???

Maxine Waters tells Trump to resign, ‘just get out’ at TIME 100 Gala honoring her Rep.¬†Maxine Waters, D-Calif., called on President Trump to “please resign” at the TIME 100 Gala on Tuesday night, so that she “won’t have to keep … Continue reading

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Dumb – dumber – dumbest

Dem leaders take heat for ramping up push to repeal tax cuts If PDT would end all the hunger – crime – terrorism – racial tensions – wars – get rid of all the nuclear bombs in the world; there … Continue reading

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