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Should have – would have – could have

Obama should have done more to counter Russia’s election meddling, top Dem says Short, sweet and to the point. Obama should have done more, PERIOD!! I have no idea how history is going to remember Mr. O and his … Continue reading

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Is the Sleeping giant awake??

Republican Handel wins Georgia special House election I have been wondering where the hell SILENT MAJORITY has been hiding for so long or if they even existed anymore. It looks like the old mentality; the person that spends the most … Continue reading

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Keeping it short and sweet

Nancy Pelosi just went off on Republicans attacking Democrats over the Scalise shooting I have a message for all of the Boulder Rollers in both parties. If they would take a good hard look at this shooter; his motives had … Continue reading

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It is only temporary

Fox Shooting at GOP gathering is a time for unity, not partisan finger-pointing We didn’t have long to wait. Chris Collins, a Republican congressman from New York, told WBEN radio within hours: “I can only hope that the Democrats do … Continue reading

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Talk about a die-hard

  One of the Democratic Party’s top donors is urging lawmakers to begin impeachment proceedings for President Donald Trump. Tom Steyer American environmentalist Thomas Fahr Steyer is an American hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist, and liberal activist and fundraiser. Wikipedia … Continue reading

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Comey slit his own throat

Washington (CNN) Fired FBI Director James Comey asked Columbia law professor Daniel C. Richman to leak the content of memos documenting his interactions with President Donald Trump, he testified Thursday. Comey, who wrote memos after his meetings with Trump, had … Continue reading

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When is enough, enough??

Clinton calls out Russia for election loss By Barnini Chakraborty  Fox News Hillary Clinton came out swinging Wednesday, ripping Russia for her November loss to President Trump and accusing the White House of colluding with Moscow in weaponizing technology to … Continue reading

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