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What was good for the goose should be …..

The price tag for Pence’s trip to Indianapolis CNN watch dog group According to the Air Force, flying a C-32, the model of plane used for Air Force 2, for one hour costs about $30,000. Pence’s flight from Las Vegas … Continue reading

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They knew it upfront

One Photo Stands Out After Trump Says Puerto Rico Wants ‘Everything Done For Them’ When some fools get so desperate and are grabbing at straws, they scrape the bottom of the barrel as hard as they can to see if … Continue reading

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Time to pasteurize

McCain comes out against ObamaCare overhaul, dealing blow to GOP’s repeal hopes Sen. John McCain announced his opposition Friday to Republican colleagues’ last-ditch ObamaCare overhaul bill, dealing a major blow to GOP leaders’ push to pass repeal legislation under President … Continue reading

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Better this than that

‘He cut your heart out’: Trump’s anger proves memorable Better this than that. It is about time we have someone sitting in the Big Chair that has a good set of goolunies. It is long overdue. There are many … Continue reading

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BB’s violin needs to be put in mothballs

BB has been playing the same old losing tune on her broken violin for so long, I think the sheep that follower her are getting sick of it. GREGG JARRETT: Hillary’s got 43 reasons why she didn’t win Gregg Jarrett … Continue reading

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Still has the crying towel out

The following are SOME of the reasons BB blames on her loss to a non-politician, who just happened to be a billion-aire, that just happens to be an old friend of hers a Wild Bill; and this just happens to … Continue reading

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Ask him no questions, he will tell you no lies

Steve Bannon hints at war within GOP, lashes out at Bush administration ‘idiots’ and mainstream media By all appearances, Steve Bannon is not the run of the mill Joe Schmow  that can be bamboozled, pushed around and manipulated easily. The … Continue reading

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