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A sign of desperation

Billy should be ashamed of himself: I’ve seen Bill Clinton on TV lately “coping a plea” for Obama, a person that he clearly hates because of their past relationships. He probably has a good case. You can’t cut down someones … Continue reading

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Talk to the chair

DIRTY HARRY THE COMIC: It seems that Harry has a lot of different sided to his personality; one that he very well demonstrated last night at the Republican convention was his comical side. Who else can get laughs from talking … Continue reading

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Batman – Robin is in the building

The New Gun in town: We can almost compare going from a congressman in WI. to the Vice President of the USA to;  getting out of kindergarten and going right into pro-football. It is a very big transition especially for … Continue reading

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The Italian Stallion came out swinging

Fox News Christie rallies GOP in convention keynote with tough-love ‘truth-telling’ message: It may be coming all together for The Mitt. The Italian Stallion from New Jersey made a very big slash at the Republican convention last night. If his … Continue reading

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Pepe Le Pew

Washington Post France urges action in Syria: Bertrand Langlois/AP – French President Francois Hollande became the first Western leader to call on Syria’s rebel movement to form a provisional government, putting additional pressure on President Obama to back the diplomatic … Continue reading

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“They do”

USA Today: Rosie O’Donnell reveals she married Michelle Rounds in June: I don’t know if anyone really cares. Rosie is still recovering from a heart attack after the big bash. I think that the honeymoon was too much for her … Continue reading

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Se le scarpe in forma metterli

Fox News Attore R. Lee Ermey, Geico di drill-sergente-terapeuta, dice di essere stato licenziato da imprese per aver criticato Obama: Come il vecchio detto italiano dice “se le scarpe in forma metterli” (se le scarpe in forma metterli). Qualche tempo … Continue reading

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Se le scarpe in forma metterli

Fox News Actor R. Lee Ermey, Geico’s drill-sergeant-therapist, says he was fired from commercial for criticizing Obama: Like the Old Italian saying goes “se le scarpe in forma metterli” (if the shoes fit put them on). Some time the truth … Continue reading

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“The buck should stop here”

Fox News Obama: Romney locked into ‘extreme positions’ on economic, social issues: Look at the kettle calling the pot black. URBAN DICTIONARY An expression that is said when one accuses another person of that which they are equally guilty of. … Continue reading

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Another government debacle

Fox News Conference expense list details millions spent by VA in latest federal waste scandal: Can anyone blame these party animals for their financial indiscretions? Why should they have to worry about the consequence of their outlandish spending; all they … Continue reading

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