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Putin has been slammed one time too many

Bashar Assad: First Shipment Of Air Defense Missiles Have Arrived From Russia – Al-Manar TV : BEIRUT (AP) — The Syrian president has told Lebanon’s Hezbollah-owned TV station that Damascus received the first shipment of Russian air defense missiles, according … Continue reading

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Omerta pays big bucks

IRS official defies Washington: Isn’t this a bitch!! Lois Lerner has been put on administrative leave with “FULL PAY” until this IRS fiasco is resolved and who knows how long that will be. If she is lucky she will be … Continue reading

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Pinocchio in DC

Huffington Press APOLOGY TOUR! HOLDER PLIES THE PRESS: Now let’s put the shoe on the other foot Mr. Holder. How far would an apology get anyone non-political connected person that broke the law the way you did.  It is time … Continue reading

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One tough little Chinese kid

Rescuers save a newborn from sewer pipe beneath public restroom in China: A newborn boy is recovering in a Chinese hospital after being rescued from a sewage pipe below a squat toilet by firefighters, who sawed off an L-shaped section … Continue reading

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Give me 20 faggots

Huffington Press Marine Corps Recruit Letter Claims Boot Camp Instructors Hurl Anti-Gay Slurs, Call Recruits ‘Faggots’ : It appears that this Liveried-Lillie, panty-waste was insulted when the DI called him a few names. He should have brought his Ma Ma … Continue reading

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“The Sergeant Schultz administration”

Fox News Eric Holder Signed Off On Search Warrant For James Rosen Emails: NBC News: I thought that all of the KGB and Gestapo tactics were long gone but they seem to have reared the evil heads right here in … Continue reading

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Blood sucking parasites

$40 for a Case of Bottled Water? ‘Preying’ on Oklahoma Tornado Victims: There are some real low-lifes in this world that would throw their mother or kid under a bus to get at a 5.00 bill and this grocer and … Continue reading

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Mendacious Ma Ma

IRS’ Lerner: “I have not done anything wrong” “Stick out your tongue lady it is all black” This may be a stupid question. If someone has not done anything wrong why do they find it necessary to invoke the fifth … Continue reading

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XXXXXX out the Weiner

Anthony Weiner Enters 2013 New York Mayoral Race: This is just another example of the lack of morality of this country; it has totally  gone to hell. When a person like Anthony Weiner can even consider running for public office … Continue reading

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Eager beaver

Eva Longoria Wardrobe Malfunction Exposes Actress’ Lower Half At Cannes: “Stop the presses”; one the biggest news scoops of the century, big enough to make the front page of many online news agencies. Anyone on this planet that doesn’t know … Continue reading

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