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Bull-shit at its best

LeBron James ‘bum’ tweet led to racist messages, Cavaliers owner says Quote from Lee–Bron: “Me and my friends call me that all the time,” James said during a news conference prior to the opening of Cleveland’s training camp. “I’m not … Continue reading

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Sad to say; BUT…

Trump attacks San Juan mayor over hurricane response President Donald Trump launched an attack on San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on Saturday for criticizing the White House’s hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, accusing her of “poor leadership” and … Continue reading

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Entitlement galore

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Stuck Taxpayers For $12,000 Charter Flight Because they think they are special people, they do not want to live by the common-man’s rule. I do understand that there are government officials that absolutely need to … Continue reading

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Going to hell in a hand-basket

Fox News Poll: World going to hell in a hand-basket as nation comes apart at seams By Dana Blanton, Fox News Some 56 percent of voters say things are “going to hell in a hand-basket.” It was 57 percent a … Continue reading

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All about the $oldi with the Un-American NFL Owners

Trump: NFL owners ‘afraid’ to take action against kneeling players PDT and anyone with half a brain knows; it is all about the $oldi. God forbid, these multi-billionaires team owners lost a few dollars enforcing and honored the National Anthem … Continue reading

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On the take, incompetent or bleeding hearts??

Teen who shot cop was loose thanks to judge’s slap on the wrist An 18-year-old thug named Frank Valencia shot officer Kayla Maher, 26, a two-year veteran in the face in a shoot-up with the cops. The thug was recently … Continue reading

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You gotta be %$#@@*&^ me!!!

LeBron Says Trump Missed An Opportunity To Bring America ‘Closer Together’ My rebuttal to Lee-Bron’s statement is; you gotta be shitting me. The African-American’s community had THEIR  MAN in the Big Chair for 8 years, their great black hope … Continue reading

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Another class act

Marc Anthony to Trump: Shut the f— up about NFL, worry about Puerto Rico Just another class act. If it wasn’t for PDT shooting down the deal to rekindle relationships with Cuba; Anthony’s relatives across the pond would have come … Continue reading

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Justice to theWeiner

Sep. 25, 2017 – 1:48 – Disgraced former congressman sentenced to 21 months in prison for sexting with a 15-year-old girl Anthony Weiner cried like a baby when the judge  threw the book at him. The x-hubby of BB’ main … Continue reading

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The Goomba Gazette SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP Enough conversation North Korea accuses Trump of declaring war If PDT is reading the Goomba Gazette as he should be; my suggestion to the Commander-in-Chief; there has been enough conversation already with … Continue reading

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