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Now we have the answer

  FBI Comey got millions from Clinton Foundation Defense Contractor — Originally posted on BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!: Earlier I posted about the nefarious James Comey. Now we learn just how much money passed through his hands … Continue reading

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Bringin the BIG GUNS

CNN Trump advisers weigh putting Christie in charge of debate prep: It is said that the Big Guy from New Jersey  is brutally honest and just what Trump needs as a pre-debate ball buster. That can be  matter of opinions; … Continue reading

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Breakdown of facts

The American people have been subjected to visual and mental harassment/bombardment  for over two years now with the overwhelming, insulting, ridiculous political TV ads. I can’t wait until the election is over so we can regain our sanity. I am … Continue reading

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How smart does one have to be????

From youth to college football, lynching threats reported over anthem kneeling The traitor to his country, the country that made him very wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, this 2nd class quarterback named Kaper-dick achieved exactly what he wanted. By his … Continue reading

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If it looks like a wire and barks like a wire ….

PHOTOS: WHAT’S THAT UNDER HILLARY’S PANTSUIT DURING LAST NIGHT’S DEBATE? By all indications, it looks like BB will not resort to any type of deceit or trickery to put down the charge of the Trumpster. If these pictures are not doctored … Continue reading

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Empty barrels make the loudest noise

Fox News: Calls Pope Francis ‘Marxist,’ ‘Most Dangerous Person on the Planet’ Over Climate Encyclical In my humble opinion, there is one piece of dead weight that Fox News should show the exit door. The dude or dud’s name is … Continue reading

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Donny Buddy;I know a broad who ….

Donny Buddy; I know a broad who is a family member; I told her on more than one occasion; you only open your mouth when you shouldn’t. Get the drift??? Whether you figured it out or not, after these debates … Continue reading

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Impartial??? NOT

Lester Holt spins debate for Hillary six huge ways, plays ‘Gotcha’ with Trump I have always maintained that a person should be good at whatever  they do or find another occupation. If they are a thief, be a good one … Continue reading

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Slight edge to Trump

The one major difference we see between the two combatants is; what you see with BB (Bill’s Bride) is all a put on superficial facade she has so cleverly developed through her years in politics, cleverly using her well-honed skills … Continue reading

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Tonight is the night. The political blood bath tonight between The Trumpster & BB  will go down in the books as one of the most watched program in American TV history; possibly one of the most best games of the … Continue reading

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