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It is only temporary

Fox Shooting at GOP gathering is a time for unity, not partisan finger-pointing We didn’t have long to wait. Chris Collins, a Republican congressman from New York, told WBEN radio within hours: “I can only hope that the Democrats do … Continue reading

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Music to my ears

Huge Surge in Americans Renouncing U.S. Citizenship After Trump’s Election As the old saying goes; Love it or leave it. I do not see anything wrong with any person giving up a citizenship anywhere in the world.  We were … Continue reading

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Un F@&%*&N believable

I can truly  say I am at a loss for words; almost.  Shock – disbelief – pleasantly surprised – ecstatic – jubilant – over joyed are just some of my sentiments. About 2301 hrs last night I said to myself; … Continue reading

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ALL lives matter fool

Singer says 76ers nixed her National Anthem performance over ‘We Matter’ jersey Glad to see the 76’s have some balls and not only the ones they dribble. Sevyn Streeter was wearing a black jersey with the words “We Matter” sprawled … Continue reading

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Kneelers; more harm than good

Crowd yells racial slur after youth players take knee during National Anthem, coach says If Kaper-dick and his supporters think they are scoring any points for their cause, they better look again. If the kneelers motivation/goal for their disrespectful behavior is … Continue reading

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