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Finally a team player

Google news Obama urges military action against Syria, but will seek Congress’ OK: Now that’s what I am talking about; playing by the rules! This is why the guys that wore the wigs sat around a table 250 years ago … Continue reading

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Don’t mess with the Judo guy Obama

Huffington Post PUTIN TO OBAMA: DON’T STRIKE Who is going to blink first????

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Are they nuts in Jersey or what??

It may be that when “Sandy” paid the Garden States a visit recently she must have pulled too many tomatoes off the vine before they were ripe and made the politicians there as wacked out as those out of control … Continue reading

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Like father like son

Breitbart Jesse Jackson Jr. to Grab $8,700 Per Month in Disability, Plus Pension In Prison: Who else do you know beside Jesse “The Slur” Jackson’s son can make $149,400.00 a year while making license plates?

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Give him his wish

Huffington Post Nidal Hasan Appeals: Fort Hood Shooter Faces Years In Court System Before Execution: Now talk about a system that needs to be fine-tuned a little or possibly a lot!

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They are much smarter than we are

Huffington Post Giant Rabbit And Tiny Pigs Are Best Friends: These animals have more sense than the two legged creatures that roam the earth.  

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1000th blog

THE GOOMBA GAZETTE  1000th BLOG This posting  is a milestone for the Goomba Gazette; it is its number 1000th blog. I thought I was pretty well informed about national and world matters until I started blogging the Goomba Gazette a … Continue reading

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