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Alice Capone – 15 minutes of fame

U.S. woman pleads guilty to Valentine’s Day massacre plot CBS In Toronto, an American female wack-job has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder in a plot where she  and two online friends envisioned pulling off a mass slaughter at … Continue reading

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The Military has going mentally PC- AWOL

The Air Force (Air-heads) says words like ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ could be offensive These fly boys and girls have really flown off of their rockers. This is a partial list of some of words and phrases deemed troublesome by the … Continue reading

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Disspicable cowards

Where I come from, anyone that would pick on someone’s wife or kid or any other member of their family in retaliation for any cause is nothing but a bully, coward,  spineless snake, chicken, chickenhearted, chicken-livered, craven, dastardly, gutless, lily-livered, … Continue reading

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Birds of a feather

The Sean Hannity Show One of the names that is being floated as a replacement to Brazile is Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota. In recent days, Ellison has garnered the support of several high-profile Democrats including Senate Minority leader Harry … Continue reading

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