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Let the puppeteer pull the strings

China to US: Be ‘cool-headed’ on North Korea: We all the know that China is the puppeteer and North Korea is one of their puppets. Now is the time for the puppeteer to pull their strings and get the puppet … Continue reading

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Coming around???

USA Today When ‘sanctuary cities’ go too far: Our view Little by little; anyone with any common sense at all should come to the realization that sanctuary cities are strictly against federal laws and can be very detrimental in the … Continue reading

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The Military has going mentally PC- AWOL

The Air Force (Air-heads) says words like ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ could be offensive These fly boys and girls have really flown off of their rockers. This is a partial list of some of words and phrases deemed troublesome by the … Continue reading

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Get in step or get ran over

There are some people in the USA that haven’t figured this out yet.  The only reason the United States is as safe as it is,  because of our nuclear and military capabilities.  Over the past decade or so, due to … Continue reading

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What is good for the goose, doesn’t seem …..

This speech was given by Wild Bill Clinton in 1995.  That may be before he was corrupted by the system IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF; Wild Bill was so adamant back in 1995 about taking steps to correct the immigration problem, what are all of the … Continue reading

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One sure way of how the Muslim nation can assist in the elimination of banning some of their people from entering the United State is for their silent majority to take up arms verbally and physically against the Muslim terrorist. … Continue reading

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The time has come ……

2 Iraqis file lawsuit after being detained in NY due to travel ban Trump’s latest executive order: Banning people from 7 countries and more And??? It is about time the people entering this country understand that they are guests in the … Continue reading

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