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Let a sleeping dog lie

“United Shades of America” returns Sunday I don’t know if it is just me; I am of the opinion that in some circumstances, the less said about a problem, the better the resolve is. Sometimes, we have to let nature … Continue reading

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No longer a factor on the Factor

If the accusations are correct, Bill ORilley is just another in the very long line of horny men that let their wrong head do their thinking. Most come and stay for a short time, some come and stay a little … Continue reading

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What is the big issue with Hitler

  Listening to the video of Spicer comparison to Hitler and Assad the Assassin, I do not see what all of the commotion is about. Spicer clearly says; as bad as Hitler was, at least he did not use chemical … Continue reading

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Apples and lemons

CNN Trump on pace to surpass 8 years of Obama’s travel spending in 1 year I guess we can say that comes with the territory. What I would like to compare in about 2 years, what are the accomplishments connected … Continue reading

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Thin skin or thick hair

(CNN) Bill O’Reilly’s insult to Rep. Waters should offend all Americans Bill O’Reilly appeared on Fox & Friends the other day. Somewhere in his dialog, he made reference to Rep. Maxine Waters doo. It just so happened that Ms. Waters … Continue reading

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More gasoline on the fire????

Whether Judge Andrew Napolitano’s anonymous sources were right about Obama using the British to spy on President Trump is the 64 dollar question. According to The Judge; instead of Obama using LOCAL sources to spy on Trump before the election, … Continue reading

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What you love today can kill you tomorrow

Life can be very fickle at times; just ask PDT. Wikileaks was a godsend for PDT when the election was closing in on the finish line. If it wasn’t for Wiki, PDT may not be sitting in The Big Chair … Continue reading

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