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Celeb; I don’t know about this one???

‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant could have greatest miss in show’s history A contestant only identified by his first name Kevin, has to embarrassment enough) has to feel like the biggest ding dong on the planet this morning.  The picture says … Continue reading

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Needs his ass spanked the old fashion way

Fox News Kanye West ripped by ex-bodyguard Kanye West ripped by ex-bodyguard There is only one explanation that describes this boisterous brat. He is a spoiled rotten narcissistic/egomaniac that has most of the Golden People in La La Land kissing … Continue reading

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Hu is finally on first

For some of you that are too young to remember this skit by Abbott and Lou Costello here it is. One of the most original skits of all times.

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The man of many faces

HUFFINGTON POST BREAKING NEWS: HOT OFF THE PRESSES – earth shattering news Howard Stern has Never Farted In Front Of His Wife: The King of Talk Radio is quite the fooler. A Bad Boy with a very bad mouth by … Continue reading

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No big shocking news

‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ Canceled By TLC After Allegations Star Is Knowingly Dating a Child Molester: For all of the “Bo Bo Beholders” out there that are avid viewers of this trash that TLC calls entertainment, my heart goes … Continue reading

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Joe the Jester

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN; WELCOME TO THE JOSEPH BIDEN COMEDY ROUTINE The guy doesn’t quit. I think that Obama should have someone check Biden’s water glass that he has at his side when he is at the podium. Vodka looks very … Continue reading

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Absolute filfth

Movie review The Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf of Wall Street a true story about a guy name Jordon Belfort that founded the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont in the 90’s which operated as a boiler room dealing in very … Continue reading

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