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Big Busted Bust-out Bimbo

Does this broad realize how ridiculous she looks? Evidently not. What is even the point? Jenny and all the other exhibitionists like her should bare it all. To think she probably paid about 10 grand for those loose threads to … Continue reading

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Can Donald ever trump the press????

This love-hate or hate-hate relationship has been burning for a couple of years now between the liberal media and PDT. Is there or will there be a clear winner when all the dust settles? I doubt it. One thing I … Continue reading

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It is about time

CNN MS-13 is Trump’s public enemy No.1, but should it be? Typical CNN; always second guessing. I have been standing on my soap box for years yelling; the only good defense is a good offensive. Tis the season to be jolly … Continue reading

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The clapping is deafening

Student Union Wants to Ban Clapping and Cheering Because it Excludes Deaf People I thought all of the PC fools were exclusive to the USA. Guess I am wrong. It looks like the PC-pathetic bug that has infected the entire … Continue reading

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The Dragging Doc

United Reaches Settlement With David Dao The quickest settlement I have seen in years. United (AKA the UN-friendly skies) came to terms with the Dragging Doctor faster than it took to yank him out of his seat, drag him across … Continue reading

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Put them on the Tele

Lawyer calls to investigate Arkansas execution after inmate convulsed before dying I think all executions should be televised to serve as a possible deterrent for other criminals or for the younger gang bangers that are climbing the ladder in the … Continue reading

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Thats your Guy

Obama’s $400G Wall Street speech leaves liberal base stunned He is your guy liberals!! No truer words were ever spoken. “[Money] is a snake that slithers through Washington.” – Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. I wonder if Mr. O has … Continue reading

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