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PDT hits a few grand-slams

Very Very presidential. WOW If anyone who listened to PDT’s UN speech can come away with anything but positivism, there has to be some thing drastically wrong with them. If anyone who listened to PDT’s speech can find a … Continue reading

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Powerball payday – 700 million

If I do not take home the bacon; I hope one of the GG’s followers does!! Get out there and snap up a few tickets folks. If you don’t play, you can not win. Fox News & the GG commentary … Continue reading

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Wanna get depressed?? Read the news

FOX News headlines HAVOC ON HIGH SEAS Search for 10 missing US sailors after collision China newspaper claims US Navy is ‘hazard’ in Asian waters VIDEO: Search underway for 10 US sailors missing after collision Peters on USS McCain collision: … Continue reading

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Search underway for 10 sailors after USS John S. McCain collision near Singapore; ship has significant damage What the hell is going on with the collisions the US Navy is having? Their track record is starting to resemble a Sunday … Continue reading

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She is not alone

Navy: Only woman in SEAL training pipeline drops out SAN DIEGO –  The only woman in the Navy SEAL training pipeline has dropped out, a Navy special warfare official confirmed Friday. The three-week-long program in Coronado, across the bay from … Continue reading

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Whatever the game plan is, if there is one …

North Korea could soon develop a hydrogen bomb more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan Whatever the game plan is, if there is one; the free worlds leaders should not be sitting on their hands too much longer … Continue reading

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Mankind is walking on egg shells

Fox China reportedly preps for crisis along border with North Korea The USA has played the role of a fool for decades assuming they had the power and strength to keep all of mankind in line and be the caretaker … Continue reading

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