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Worst of the worst

This is a miserable example of what our country has degenerated to. It is not bad enough that this slime bag Bow Wow had the gall to post something like this, over 9,000 other scum bags like him gave him … Continue reading

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Johnny be good – NOT

Johnny Manziel Accused of Trashing West Hollywood Mansion He Rented During Party: Let’s face it; this imbecile has a death wish and I hope he expedites his efforts soon. He symbolizes exactly  what is the end result of a kid … Continue reading

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Cowards of the county

USA Today Hundreds rally to protest attack on three black women at U. of Albany: 10 – 12 big and tough male would-be bad assed white cowards attacked 3 black ladies as they waited at a bus stop in up-state … Continue reading

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Biggest coward on the planet award

Check out this tough guy. Note how this pugilistic punk jumped back in a defensive posture after he TKO’ed the little guy like the kid was going to get back up and hit him. I will give this wanna … Continue reading

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