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You get what you pay for!!

Emmy Awards roasted for mocking Middle America, ratings hit all-time low Hollywood may have laughed when Emmy’s host Michael Che said the only white people who thank Jesus are “Republicans and ex-crackheads,” but Tinseltown’s latest middle finger to Middle America … Continue reading

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All shot to hell with 15.00$

Trump hails ‘big victory’ after judge upholds border wall project PDT is celebrating his victory as a judge upholds his aspirations for building a wall to keep the illegals out of the country. Don’t celebrate too soon Mr. President. There … Continue reading

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Necessity is the MOTHER of invention

Connecticut man had sex with girlfriend’s corpse in hope of reviving her, police say We have mouth to mouth, chest compressions and a few other accepted procedures that are used as life saving techniques as the old standards. Now a … Continue reading

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Omerta; for-get-about-it

James Comey Basks In The Glow Of Michael Flynn’s Downfall Back in the old days when men were men and boys stayed home and played with their sisters dolls; there was an unwritten law among THE BOYS called Omerta (the … Continue reading

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How the hell did you do that ???

Trump slams ‘Russian hoax story’ and ‘ObamaCare disaster,’ hails surging stock market: OK PDT;  should take some credit for the stock’s success. I do believe that his proactive moves have a lot to do with where the numbers are today. … Continue reading

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Where are you from??

Did you ever meet some and the first thing they as you is; hey man, here are you from? If you are ever lucky enough to run across a person from this village in North Wales and ask their place … Continue reading

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No – a bottle????

Man reportedly has penis removed after allegedly getting it stuck in a bottle Published October 17, 2016 – Nw York Post With all of the craziness and outrageous political advertising bombarding us in the media for the last 2.75 years; … Continue reading

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The golden foot shower

The numbers add up: Peeing in the shower makes sense: Fox News Science Startling scientific news this morning FOLKS. After an exhaustive study taking place over a 10 year period and millions of pee drops counted in an attempt to … Continue reading

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Summer-time blues

I could not resist this one. I saw this on Facebook this AM and got a kick out of it. The time of the year has come when road construction is getting into high gear and pissing off a lot … Continue reading

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Let the games begin

Once and awhile I come up with a brilliant idea. This has to be in my Top 10. If and when Bill’s wife and the Trumpster have their debates; they should rent out the Colosseum in Rome.  It will be … Continue reading

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