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Heavens forbid

Must have been some pretty potent stuff this dude was sucking on before he came on the show. If the US of A thinks we have problems now; just wait until 2020 when that nitwit who is married to what’s … Continue reading

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Narcissism at it finest

Sharp talk from Dick and Liz Cheney: Dick The Destroyer Chaney seems to have forgotten a very well-known cliché. If a person lives in a glass house, they should never roll bounders downhill at another man’s house, or something like … Continue reading

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Another animal out of his cage

Pregnant Woman Dies After Allegedly Kidnapped By Ex; Speaking of animals. This morning I did a post on a black animal that killed a cop for no reason.  Tonight I am doing a post on a white animal that shot … Continue reading

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Watch out for the armbar Jarrod

Source: Watch out for the armbar Jarrod

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Watch out for the armbar Jarrod

Who ever said that Jar heads are bashful? A U.S. Marine, who goes by Jarrod Hash on Facebook, took to social media to ask out the MMA fighter Rocking Rhonda Rousey. Not to get in the ring and throw … Continue reading

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Demented executioners

Texas deputy killed ‘execution-style’ while fueling patrol car, authorities say: Authorities have a man (they should call him an animal) in custody who is “believed to be the alleged gunman” in the killing of a uniformed sheriff’s deputy, Sgt. William … Continue reading

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Cronyism at its finest.

WASHINGTON (AP) — A four-year investigation has concluded that officials of the solar company Solyndra misrepresented facts by omitted key information in their efforts to get a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government. It appears that there was … Continue reading

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Definition of PC by two great men

This article was sent to me by BF, one of the Goomba Gazette’s roving reporters. This was taken from a communication between President Truman and Gen. Douglas MacArthur back in 1954.  Article by BF: For the last six odd years, almost … Continue reading

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He got off too easy

Vatican official accused of child porn, pedophilia dies:                  My little friend is giving this monster a special send off to where he has gone. He called himself a cardinal and he committed the … Continue reading

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Poll gives Biden edge over Clinton against top GOP candidates There isn’t a hell of a lot a person can say about this latest revolution between Bill’s wife and Joking Joe popularity. That is like Heidi Fleiss claiming she … Continue reading

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