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Plant one on the palace

US, allies seek to put pressure on North Korea at nuclear summit Faced with a North Korean regime bent on developing a nuclear-armed long-range missile, President Obama will meet Thursday in Washington with several world leaders — including those of … Continue reading

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Does this ring a bell????

When I listened to the video the Governor of Ab-a-lama  made I thought I was having a problem with my hearing aid or experiencing  deja-vu all over again. It sounds eerily similar to this video. What is the deal … Continue reading

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Turn up the heat folks – you may live longer

I usually don’t like to plagiarize too much if I don’t have to but the list of health benefits of eating hot peppers are too numerous for me to list. So I enlisted the help of, a great organization. … Continue reading

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Underlying message???

US may allow dollars to be used in Iran business deals WASHINGTON –  The Obama administration may soon tell foreign governments and banks they can start using the dollar in some instances to facilitate business with Iran, officials told The … Continue reading

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Mexican Burgers

USA Today Chipotle plans to open burger chain How many burger chains can the country support? Chipotle Mexican Grill said Wednesday it has applied for a trademark for “Better Burger” as part of a business diversification move to open a burger restaurant … Continue reading

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Women kill too

Let us not forget that women kill too. How was Trump’s guy supposed  to know if the women that broke through the ranks to get to Trump wasn’t trying to harm him??? Here is a good example. Lynette Fromme … Continue reading

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USA Today France president abandons plan to revoke terrorists’ citizenship From furious to a pacifist. Why would the French President Francois Hollande dismiss a controversial bill that would have stripped convicted terrorists with dual nationality of their French citizenship? Possibly he … Continue reading

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Mistake 6,271

USA Today WASHINGTON — President Obama commuted the sentences of 61 prisoners on Wednesday, part of an effort to more aggressively use the commutation power and call for changes to sentencing laws, particularly with respect to low-level drug offenses. Here is … Continue reading

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The Dirty Dozen + 1 – Principles without principles

Bribery charges against 13 Detroit principals a ‘punch in the gut’ The Motor City doesn’t have enough under it’s hood let alone another huge scandal brewing with 13 of it’s school principles. I will dub them, The Dirty Dozen + … Continue reading

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Whats to deliberate???

Jury Begins Deliberations In Trial Of Woman Accused Of Killing Her Alleged Abuser Cherelle Baldwin a young woman from Bridgeport Conn. is  accused of killing her abusive ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Brown. By all indications it was a case of self-defense. Her … Continue reading

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