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NY police leaders outraged over John Jay College professor’s tweet on teaching ‘future dead cops’

Take a look at this freak. If I saw him standing on the street corner with a cup, I might donate and tell him to get that mop trimmed.


Absolutely top of the heap in the white trash category.

It sure says a lot for the college that would hire a side-show like this.

Why are some our kids so $%#@&* up when they graduate??

St. Louis protesters break windows at home of city’s mayor after cop’s acquittal

USA – The United States of America. Looks like to me, we should consider changing the name of the country to the Destructive States of America.

If this country is ever going to turn the corner in the racial department, our judicial system has to do a better job of prosecuting cowboy/rogue/experienced cops.


After a high speed chase, Stockley shot Smith 5 times , claiming Smith had a gun. A gun found in Smith’s car only had Stockley’s DNA on it, prompting the prosecution to allege it was planted.

Come on folks. If we are going to be fair and ever want to resolve the racial issues, how can anyone come to a not guilty decision with evidence like that? I don’t even want to mention the fact, Smith was shot 5 times. Can we call it a little over kill??

There are some very bold statements/threats made to the Kid-dick-tator lately.  How are they going to play out is anyone’s guess.  The way I see it, China is doing little to nothing to control NK.

If I had to guess, China wants to see NK & the USA go to war. Possibly they are not smart enough to know, if it comes to that, it is going to affect the whole world.

Lamont Deshon Barrett, 31, was charged with indecent liberties with a child, Fox 46 reported. An investigation was opened after a 16-year-old student at Rocky River High School reportedly came forward saying Barrett had touched them inappropriately.

Barrett also allegedly showed the student “inappropriate videos of sexual nature,” according to the local police.


Are the school districts around the country so destitute that they let perverts like this bum slip through their fingers when hiring them? I guess so. This is not an isolated incident.

Here we have anther winner that wants to kill ALL white people, including children.


I hope the city has a good padded cell waiting for this maniac.

Has this PC-crap gone over the top or what??

College Park, Maryland drew national attention this week for allowing non-citizens including illegal immigrants to cast ballots in local elections

The next thing idiots like this are going to do is send hundreds of buses south of the board to transport 1,000’s of more non-citizens up north so they can vote.

Where does common-sense ever kick in?? These fools can not be for real.

Let us wait and see what kind of reception the prison thugs give this pretty boy pharmaceutical thief.

I would suggest the pharmaceutical thief wipes that shit eating grim off of his face or the boys are going to do it for him.


I can guarantee one thing; this BOY is really going to see what it feels like to get screwed.   For his sake, I hope the Boy brought his own Vasoline. The thugs in the CAN do not use it.


I call it a real good example of Karma.

They had a good run. Congratulations!!

Lady Waters; it is time to take the nails out of your hands and the crown of thorns off of your head. People like you are a good part of the reason the racial fires are burning out of control.


I put her right up there with Albert Sharpless and the rest of the rebel-rousers.

Why not devote some of your efforts to try and point your people in the right direction. It doesn’t appear what you have been doing for years is working.

By all appearances, financially, Maxi hasn’t done too bad in the country she detests.

The applette didn’t fall far from the treette. If a person lives with a cripple, sooner or later they will being to limp.

Metro Nashville Police said Melton was disturbed by exhaust fumes and loud music coming from Quackenbush’s Porsche SUV while trying to sleep at 3 a.m. and asked her to move the vehicle.

Police said the two got into an argument and began yelling at each other before the young woman left the car and shot Melton twice. Quackenbush, charged with attempted murder, fled the scene with another woman.


Isn’t that what all good citizens do when their radio s too loud??

I wonder if she covered up her tattoos when she ran out side with her piece in her hand?

Let us hope it remains a maybe. I don’t know how many more beating the USA can take from Mother Nature.

One of three men charged with using a gun stolen from a police officer to kill a San Francisco man last month reportedly was an illegal immigrant who was being monitored by U.S. immigration officials.

Data taken from Erick Garcia Pineda’s electronic monitor confirmed the 18-year-old was in the city’s Mission District on Aug. 15 when 23-year-old Abel Esquivel was murdered in the street, NBC Bay area reported Thursday.

This country doesn’t have a problem with illegals, do we??

I heard through the grape vine that the three thugs were on their way to College Park, Maryland to vote when the shooting took place.

Trump says US must get ‘nasty’ to fight terror, urges ‘tougher’ travel ban

It can be staring them right in the face and the Ship of Fools do not want to see the illegal forest on account of the trees.

We witnessed what 8 years of PC-ness has done to this country and still have droves of imbeciles that are not willing to admit that the PC movement does not work.

PDT is 1,000% right. The only thing some people in this world understands and respects is someone or some element that is crazier than they are.

Read between the lines folks.

Gotta fight a lit match stick with a flame thrower.

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