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Tough times call for tough measures ……

Who is Saudi Arabia’s crown prince? A reformer and ruthless ruler Something the PC-ers of this world have a hard time comprehending.  Tough time call for tough measures. USA TODAY He let women drive. Saudi movie lovers are watching Hollywood … Continue reading

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Think it is time for some changes???

Saudi Arabia arrests man after ‘offensive’ video shows him at breakfast with woman When if ever are these people going to come out of the Dark Ages??? GMAFB The man, an Egyptian hotel worker, had invited his viewers on social … Continue reading

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Pentagon suspends $300M in military aid to Pakistan My question is Y hasn’t this common-sensed decision been made a long time ago??? The Pentagon says it has suspended $300 milllion in military aid to Pakistan for not doing enough to … Continue reading

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Mom detained in Dubai after drinking complimentary glass of wine on Emirates flight

With all of the sinful things going on in this world; in the desert sands of Dubai there exists a bunch of out-dated, ridiculous, religious fanatics that still have a 2,000 year old mentality. Ellie Holman was on a flight … Continue reading

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Enemies of the State …..

Trump renews ‘biting sanctions’ against Iran, warns countries doing business with Tehran As it should be. PDT said on Tuesday he is calling for MORE sanctions against Iran that will go into effect at midnight “the most biting sanctions ever … Continue reading

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Get behind closed doors with the Judo Guy

With all the criticism PDT is getting over his comments and relationship with the Judo Guy and Russia; he has to get alone behind closed doors with TJG, look him dead in the eyes. don’t pull any punches and lay … Continue reading

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