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Man the crows nest

(Fox News) Australian billionaire to build new Titanic: What does a person do when they have an extra billion dollars or so lying around; naturally they build a replica of the original Titanic? That is exactly what Australian billionaire Clive … Continue reading

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Poor taste

(Washington Post) Obama mocks scandals, Republicans at White House Correspondents Dinner: Poor taste. The Prez better not forget who watches his back. His remark last night; “I had a lot more material prepared, but I have to get the Secret … Continue reading

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You scratch my back and I will scratch yours

Obama appoints top campaign bundler to Netherlands ambassador post: According to the Obama campaign, Broas has helped raise more than $500,000 for the 2012 reelection effort. By law, Tim Broas cannot contribute all that money himself — so he, like … Continue reading

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Ok kids; time for your nap

New Secret Service watch-dog rules include a chaperone: Are you kidding me? Is that the best solution our GOVERNMENT can come up with to keep some horny agents out of trouble? Who is going to watch the chaperons? Are we … Continue reading

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The boy next door

John Edwards Judge Won’t Block Sex Tape Testimony: (GREENSBORO, N.C.) — The judge in the John Edwards trial Friday rejected a bid by Edwards’ former mistress to sharply restrict what the court and the public can hear about a sex … Continue reading

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It’s no wonder

We love food and are eating ourselves into an early grave. It’s no wonder there are so many obese people in America and the out of control consumption is spreading around the world.  

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Maher the mouth

Bill Maher facing bipartisan criticism over Ann Romney remarks: I am glad to see that the criticism is coming from both sides. Some so-called celebrities become so full of themselves that they think they can insult whomever they want, whenever … Continue reading

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CNN: Quit starting fires

CNN Keeps rocking the boat: In 1992 black man named Rodney King who was going 115 miles an hour on the freeway was pulled over, allegedly resisted arrest and  got the shit beat out of him and tasered by some … Continue reading

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A get back crime

Fox News: Chicago Cops: Suspect Beat White Teen Over Trayvon Case: I wonder how much ink this story is going to get. I didn’t see it on CNN Alton Hayes III was charged with a hate crime after he and … Continue reading

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Who wants to light the fuse?

Fox News: N. Korea: We have weapons capable of striking US North Korea is armed with “powerful modern weapons” capable of defeating the United States, a top military chief in Pyongyang said Wednesday amid increased speculation abroad about the nation’s … Continue reading

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