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Isn’t that the name of the game; digging up dirt?

Politicians react to Trump Jr.’s emails about meeting with Russian lawyer I must be missing something??  During one of the most blood and guts, free for all elections ever, where everyone was  called everything but a white man; from both … Continue reading

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When is enough, enough??

Clinton calls out Russia for election loss By Barnini Chakraborty  Fox News Hillary Clinton came out swinging Wednesday, ripping Russia for her November loss to President Trump and accusing the White House of colluding with Moscow in weaponizing technology to … Continue reading

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And she said it with a straight face

Hillary Clinton tears into Trump in commencement address “You are graduating at a time when there is a full-fledged assault on truth and reason,” Clinton told the class of 2017 And she says it with a straight face. After all … Continue reading

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Bewitched – bothered and bewildered

I guess the liberal media is still trying to figure out where Hillary went wrong. CNN ran an article called: Hillary Clinton’s big mistake? I can sum that up in a few words. Arrogance, overly confident, bad advisors, didn’t … Continue reading

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It seems Wild Bill is on the circuit shaking the money trees to see if anything will fall out. All he is going to need is a very small basket. Unless I am grossly mistaken; when the shit hits … Continue reading

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Below the belt

TRUMP TRANSITION Bill Clinton bashes Trump, blames ‘angry white men’ and Comey for wife’s loss When I am doing a post, I try to be as fair as possible and not hit below the belt if I can help it … Continue reading

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Combination of both – N word & S word

Clinton tells fundraisers FBI Comey letter sank presidential bid She beat herself but continues to put the blame on everyone and everything else. Did Comey’s dropping a quarter on her and  put a banana peel  under her feet causing her … Continue reading

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