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They are slowly catching on

USA Today Christian Schneider sure put it in prospective. If you think about it, being a losing presidential candidate is one of the best jobs in America. No matter what you say, you come off way better than your … Continue reading

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Diarrhea of the mouth (CHC-DOTM)

This lady (sometimes using the word lady loosely)  does not know when to keep her fly catcher shut. Her loss to PDT has destroyed everything inside of her. She has blamed everyone except the Pope and Mother Theresa for losing … Continue reading

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Run Billy run – Hide Billy hide!!

Fox Judge orders release of sealed Bill Clinton documents from Ken Starr probe It is long overdue that Wild Bill is held accountable for his nefarious actions while sitting in the Big Chair or should I say, slouching.  It is … Continue reading

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Expect anything different??

Hillary Clinton protected ’08 campaign adviser accused of sexual harassment: report By Brooke Singman | Fox News   Hillary Clinton reportedly helped protect adviser Burns Strider during the ’08 campaign.  (Burns Strider Twitter) Hillary Clinton reportedly helped protect a … Continue reading

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That’s the way it has always been ….

Trump compares Flynn to Hillary, asks ‘rigged system’ or ‘double standard?’ PDT more than anyone else should know, that is the way the world has always operated, under double standards. Is it fair? Depending on whose side you are on … Continue reading

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Brazile as DNC chair considered replacing Clinton with Biden after she fainted: report: The die-hards can’t let go of their loss. They continue to keep IFFFFFING. My cousins in WVA have a saying; if the rabbit didn’t stopped to take … Continue reading

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Those who laugh loudest ……..

Turley on Russia: ‘Allegations Against Clintons Could Potentially Be Criminal’ This is what I call smart but dirty politics. BB and her crew have been around the block so many times they know all the tricks. EXCEPT one; how to … Continue reading

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