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Don’t bet on it Douglas …..

Fox News – Douglas Macgregor North Korea won’t start a war – Trump shouldn’t launch an attack I say to Douglas Macgergor; don’t bet on it. I can’t or can anyone else say with 100% certainty that The Kid-dick-tator … Continue reading

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Omerta; for-get-about-it

James Comey Basks In The Glow Of Michael Flynn’s Downfall Back in the old days when men were men and boys stayed home and played with their sisters dolls; there was an unwritten law among THE BOYS called Omerta (the … Continue reading

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What an inspiration they are!!!

THE KEY TO SUCCESS IS EDUCATION Without their education, these three phenomenal ladies would have been, as the world viewed blacks at the time, just three average black girls who would have gone totally unnoticed in life. Instead, through their … Continue reading

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Just what the USA needs, more porn

Pornhub to open erotic NYC shop with live-streaming bed videocam I don’t know what the PC-ers call it but I call it FREEDOM OF THE IGNORANT!!! Online pornography website Pornhub is set to open a temporary real-life sex shop Friday … Continue reading

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There is strength in numbers, even if …..

By Fred Fleitz | Fox News Trump is right — America and Russia need to work together to lower tensions Freddy Boy, I have been standing on my soap box preaching the same thing ever since PDT put his hand … Continue reading

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Heads are falling like the big domino game

Charlie Rose, Al Franken and Roy Moore: The harassment allegations continue Before we know it, there are not going to be many big wig executives left standing. They are all falling like the Big Domino Game. Now we have Charlie … Continue reading

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You can kill me but not MISS address me

Report: Knowingly exposing others to HIV will no longer be a felony in California California’s governor, Jerry Brown, on Friday signed a law that lowers the penalty for exposing partners to HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor, which includes … Continue reading

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