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Too premature Ostroy

Andy Ostroy, Contributor Political and Pop Culture Analyst It Doesn’t Fucking Matter What Obama Did! If there ever was a foolish statement, this was it. It Doesn’t Fucking Matter What Obama Did! My response is; are you kidding me? Evidently … Continue reading

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The true purpose of martial arts

Drunk Man Confronts Former MMA Fighter Outside a Walmart, With Unexpected Result What we see in this video is the true concept of what the martial arts should be all about. Former UFC and Bellator fighter Tom DeBlass, a decorated … Continue reading

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Please, thank you and excuse me is not in their vocabulary

I have been standing on my soap box for years expressing my opinions on the exact same thing the police captain is in the video; animal/thugs only understand one kind of direct communications. Many of the thugs, through no … Continue reading

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Another bad move

Trump set to undo Obama’s action against global warming Published March 28, 2017 Moving forward with a campaign pledge to unravel former President Obama’s sweeping plan to curb global warming, President Trump on Tuesday is set to sign an … Continue reading

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The fix is in

Obama ranked 12th best president by historians in new C-SPAN poll Is that 12th out of 13th? Polls are probably the most useless tool going for any type of accuracy. Just ask Bill’s Bride what she thinks of polls. If … Continue reading

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Sooner or later

Lake Michigan meteor lights up the sky in several states Based on the conditions we are facing today with all of the upheavals around the world; if mankind does not self-destruct before, it is my opinion that THE END is … Continue reading

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Let’s take a wild guess and try to imagine IF Iran is using any of the  151 BBBBillion dollars that Obama released to them to construct and launch the missiles they have fired as of late? The ink on the agreement … Continue reading

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