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Don’t go where you don’t belong ….

American missionary wrote ‘God, I don’t want to die’ before being killed by remote tribe You have seen me say this many times before; don’t go where you don’t belong!!  If you heed my words, your chances of living a … Continue reading

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I wonder if Kondo covered all the bases????

Man, 35, reportedly marries computer hologram FOX NEWS Akihiko Kondo, 35, poses for a photograph with a doll modeled after virtual reality singer Hatsune Miku, wearing their wedding rings, at his apartment after marrying her in Tokyo, Do we think … Continue reading

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The Bum and the Scum ….

The most respectable living and breathing animal posing in this picture below is the PUPPY. The other three are unscrupulous scumbags. It takes a certain breed of degenerate to qualify as a scumbag, these three fit the bill to a … Continue reading

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Holy Shit!!!

Nancy Pelosi Applauds Al Sharpton: ‘Thank You for Saving America’ The absolute best I can give this story is a BIG WOW and a BIGGER HOLY SHIT This nit-wit who calls herself a public servant has to be insane to … Continue reading

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Turn that barrel around ….

Big-game hunters defend kills, say they won’t back down after receiving backlash for posting photos Larysa Switlyk@LSwitlyk Who can guess what species of caribou this is ? I’ll give you a hint ~ it’s one of the hardest to get … Continue reading

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As guilty as the criminals ….

Aiding and Abetting The inchoate crime of aiding and abetting applies to an individual who assists in a crime, but does not commit the crime himself. This person is also known as an “accessory to the crime.” Aiding and abetting varies greatly … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the USMC, the United States Marine Corps  Or (Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children – Leather Necks and Devil Dogs and some other unmentionables) as we are fondly refereed to. 234 years ago, a group of bad assed civilians … Continue reading

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