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Assisted suicide gets my vote 110%

Daniel Payne, Opinion contributor Published 7:15 a.m. ET June 1, 2018 | Updated 12:27 p.m. ET June 2, 2018 Assisted suicide is not about autonomy. It’s a tragedy that we shouldn’t allow. Obviously Mr. Payne  has not been exposed to … Continue reading

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She hasn’t caught on yet …

Michelle Obama still questioning why women voted for Trump in 2016 Former first lady Michelle Obama said Saturday that she was “concerned about us as women and how we think” in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Do I have the DEAL of the day for you!!

Just another FARCE  in the long line of governmental agencies There used to be a laws stated it was illegal con people through advertising with bogus products. Evidently, the law still exists, BUTT the government is sitting on the hands … Continue reading

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Indian says; Chief speaks with forked tongue

Trump Warns Russia: Syria Strikes ‘Coming’ “Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’” Trump tweeted. “You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!” TMI (TOOOO much … Continue reading

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Definitely police brutality

New video of cop beating jaywalking suspect released FOR JAYWALKING????? What the hell was in this rogue cops head that made him react to a jaywalker the way he did?? John Dillinger didn’t get treated this poorly. ‘I can’t … Continue reading

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The Gove hit the nail on the head!!!

Gov. Bevin Responds to Alleged Hypocrisy In essence;  governor Bevin has expressed the same sentiments I have been preaching about for years. Watch the video; he put it all in perspective.  Segments of one of my most recent posts … Continue reading

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My sentiments exactly ……

Mars ain’t gonna be easy’: What Apollo 17 leaders are saying about future space exploration “Mars ain’t gonna be easy,” Schmitt said during the panel. “There are a whole bunch of operational issues related to not only landing on Mars, … Continue reading

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