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ISSSSSSSSSSSS it possible??????

Trump faces bipartisan criticism over press conference with Putin I would like to believe that PDT is playing The Judo Guy like a Stradivarius violin. He feels that it is in the best interest of the USA and the world … Continue reading

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Breaking bread with the enemy ….

There are many situations in our live where we have to make choices; some pleasant and some very unpleasant. BUTT in either case, a decision has to be made one way or another. To be the procrastinating fool or not … Continue reading

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Play hard – Play fair

Trump says US won’t pull out of NATO after receiving commitments from allies Sooner or later the pacifists, do gooding, bleding hearted, PC-ers in this country are going to get their education in Trumpism and start to realize that The … Continue reading

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The giveaway is over FOLKS ….

America is not the world’s piggy bank, Trump tells NATO Maybe I can break it down in more simple terms so the brain-dead, imbeciles can understand it. It is like going to lunch with some stiff for 20 years and … Continue reading

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Go for the beauty and brains …

Trump narrows SCOTUS choice to a trio of candidates as announcement looms Monday Might as well give the American people something pleasant to look at for the next 40 years, so why not chose Amy Barrett.   If the American … Continue reading

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While they are running their mouth ….

Trump-basher Mark Sanford, who president called ‘nothing but trouble,’ ousted in key South Carolina primary Has Lazarus risen from the dead? Is the worm turning? Has the, for too long, silent majority awakening from a deep sleep they have been … Continue reading

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Will wonders ever cease???

FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump wants ‘new chapter’ as Kim Jong Un agrees to complete denuclearization; Rodman slams Obama What will the Boulder Roller come up with that they can find negative about this historic event pulled off by PDT?? Vegas … Continue reading

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