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Quitting Qatar

Siding against ally Qatar, Trump injects US into Arab crisis It is not easy being the boss. When everything is going right, they are wrong and when everything is going wrong ….. PDT has a lot of things going for … Continue reading

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Chris the confused critic

The London terror tweets prove Donald Trump is never going to be ‘presidential’ Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large Updated 10:47 PM ET, Sun June 4, 2017 Exactly what are people like Cillizza looking for in PDT? If the man … Continue reading

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Only one at the table

Emmanuel Macron is getting in Donald Trump’s face The major problem with people like Macron is; how would they feel if they were invited to a party, they were the one of the few that showed up but got stuck … Continue reading

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When is enough, enough??

Clinton calls out Russia for election loss By Barnini Chakraborty¬† Fox News Hillary Clinton came out swinging Wednesday, ripping Russia for her November loss to President Trump and accusing the White House of colluding with Moscow in weaponizing technology to … Continue reading

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Alms for the poor

Being I like to put my money where my mouth is and always practice what I preach; I sent the Trump organization a couple of bucks during the campaign.¬†¬† Since then I have been receiving letters for donations quiet frequently. … Continue reading

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Hard to disagree with

Unless this video was tampered with and I doubt it; I would have to conclude that PDT bullied his way to the front of the pack. Hard to disagree with    

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Those who laughs last laughs the loudest.

Those who laughs last laughs the loudest. I was just watching Neal Cavuto, one of the last of the Mohegan with Fox. He was doing a piece of PDT addressing the NATO members. It seems that some of the European … Continue reading

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