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Talk about a dingbat

Pelosi calls surge of illegal immigrant children an ‘opportunity’: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi argued Saturday that the surge of illegal immigrant children and families crossing from Mexico into the U.S. is more of an “opportunity” than a “crisis.” It … Continue reading

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A very classy Lady

Amy Adams gives first-class airline seat to soldier, sits in coach, passenger says: The lady not only “walks the walk but she talks the talk.” On a flight from the “Motor City” to the “Fantasy Land LA” Amy Adams got … Continue reading

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Let them jump

Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier funding approved: SAN FRANCISCO — The Golden Gate Bridge moved a big step closer to getting a suicide barrier after bridge officials on Friday approved a $76 million funding package for a net system that … Continue reading

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What about the Commander and Chief???

What Are ‘Handsome’ Mug Shot Guy’s Real Prospects for a Modeling Career? This doesn’t surprise me. The pattern appears to be that the more someone f—ks up in these liberal times the more popular they become. It seems that in … Continue reading

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Here we go again

Obama seeks $500M to train, equip Syrian rebels: Just when the USA is supposedly taking steps to pull out of Afghanistan completely and get some relief in the financial department; Obama is seeking a 500 million dollar hand-out for Syria. … Continue reading

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Put away the crying towel

John Boehner May Sue Obama Over Use Of Executive Actions: I don’t know what Boehner is always crying about, one politician is as bad as another. What we have here is a case of the “pot calling the kettle black.” … Continue reading

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Two wealthy politicians crying poor mouth

Hillary Clinton Stumbles From ‘Dead Broke’ to ‘Not Truly Well Off’ Hillary claimed that when she and Wild Bill left the White House they were “stone broke”, a comment she later tried to reverse. She even made it with a … Continue reading

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Another in the long line of spoiled punk celebs.

Aaron Hernandez was released from sick bay yesterday after a brief visit.  I was hoping he got a good ass whipping by some of his fellow criminals that wanted bragging right for kicking the shit out of a “super star”. … Continue reading

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Take a few hits on your “Peace Pipe” Chiefs and relax

A three-judge panel at the Patent & Trademark Office ruled 2-1 that the name wasn’t worthy of federal trademark protection. The decision could escalate the campaign against a brand that the NFL and team owner Daniel M. Snyder have vigorously … Continue reading

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It really doesn’t matter

Benghazi Suspect Captured by US Special Forces: The Obama administration is beating their chest over the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala, for his key role in the Benghazi killings. He really looks like a guy you want to invite for … Continue reading

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