Is there a different feel between real boobs and store bought hooters??

There is still a question circulating in the sports world as to whether Tom Doubting Thomas Brady knew if the balls he was using were deflated.

Don’t forget the sale on the prime swampland. Get it while it lasts.


Helloooooooo! This is the most preposterous question yet that has surfaced since  inflate your ma ma gate made world news.

For the record; Tom Brady started playing football when he was 4 years old, which means he has been on the grid iron in some capacity or another, handling the pig skin for 33 years.

Some brilliant investigators are still asking if he could tell that the balls he was using were deflated. Come on dudes, where is your common sense?

Can a guy that has been going out with the same lady for 10 years tell if she got a boob job? You can bet your sweet bippy he can.

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For you youngsters; this was a saying that came from a very funny TV program called the Rowan and Martin Show years back. 

There certainly is a distinct feel between a full inflated football and a deflated ball, just like there is a distinct difference in the feel between real boobs and store bought hooters. That fact alone should be a good barometer for all the expert investigators to work with. Inflated ball hard – deflated ball softer; real boobs soft – store bought hard. Got it lads??

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If and when the truth finally comes out there are going to be a couple of guys with egg all over their faces and their tits in a wringer.

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