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The hanging rope will be getting longer …

Weinstein Co files for bankruptcy, ends all non-disclosure agreements The arrogance and stupidity of this worm is incomprehensible. He had it all; was one of the wealthiest people in Hollywood and he blew it. People stood in line to kiss … Continue reading

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From scumbag to locked up scumbag

Martin Shkreli sentenced to 7 years in prison for fraud If anyone believes in poetic justice or Mr. Karma; this is a very good example of both. An over abundance of arrogance and greed can be killers as Skavoosie found … Continue reading

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Should have slapped the shit out of him …

Guy like Matt The Mauler Some people may disagree with me; BUTT, I believe if one/some of the women Matt The Mauler molested or got out of line with, would have slapped the shit out of that pervert and reported … Continue reading

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Run Billy run – Hide Billy hide!!

Fox Judge orders release of sealed Bill Clinton documents from Ken Starr probe It is long overdue that Wild Bill is held accountable for his nefarious actions while sitting in the Big Chair or should I say, slouching.  It is … Continue reading

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Give me a ^%#@%* break already!!!!

California Bakery Can Refuse To Make Cakes For Same-Sex Weddings, Judge Rules Give me a ^%#@%* break already with these sissy wedding cakes!!!! There is absolutely no doubt in my mind, these same-sexers are ONLY looking for a big payday … Continue reading

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Never enough

Seth Williams, Philadelphia’s first black DA, begins 5-year term after bribery conviction I can’t help but wonder ow many homies he sent up for the same offensive he committed are waiting at the steel  gates to welcome him. A nearly … Continue reading

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Krying Killer got his due

Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius’ prison sentence more than doubled to 13 years, 5 months Good for the judge. He didn’t let the celebrity of this spring legged killer influence his decision.  I still think he got off easy only gtting … Continue reading

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