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Put them on the Tele

Lawyer calls to investigate Arkansas execution after inmate convulsed before dying I think all executions should be televised to serve as a possible deterrent for other criminals or for the younger gang bangers that are climbing the ladder in the … Continue reading

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Please, thank you and excuse me is not in their vocabulary

I have been standing on my soap box for years expressing my opinions on the exact same thing the police captain is in the video; animal/thugs only understand one kind of direct communications. Many of the thugs, through no … Continue reading

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Effiencie at its finest

What happened to Russia’s agreement to eradicate Syria’s chemical weapons? Monsters in bed with one another. CBS WASHINGTON — Long before last week’s deadly chemical attack in Syria, the U.S. and Russia brokered a deal — in 2013 — requiring … Continue reading

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Saved the court costs

The bank guard Brian Harrison at Alpine Bank in Rockford, Illinois, earned his money on January 20th of this year when he fatally shot and killed a wanna-be  John Dillinger. The inept ALMOST bank-robber Laurence Turner died at the scene … Continue reading

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Going for 15????

Michigan man arrested on 14th DUI charge: A Mount Clemens man, 54-year-old Zenon Bialokur has been jailed after he was arrested for his fourteenth drunken driving offense. By the looks of Zenon; it appears he could use a couple drink to straighten out.  … Continue reading

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Un F@&%*&N believable

I can truly  say I am at a loss for words; almost.  Shock – disbelief – pleasantly surprised – ecstatic – jubilant – over joyed are just some of my sentiments. About 2301 hrs last night I said to myself; … Continue reading

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Don’t send flowers

Fox News Headlines Gregg Jarrett: An “avalanche of evidence” may now bury Hillary I will bet I am just one of millions of decent Americans that can not wait to attend the funeral. For decades the Clinton’s have been inter-coursing … Continue reading

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