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I have a suggestion for the old girl …..

Fox Ruth Bader Ginsburg hopes for less political gridlock ‘in my lifetime’ What a statement coming from one of the worst offenders. It would be like Jesse James saying; My most fervent wish in my life time would be to … Continue reading

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Call the cops – the cops are robbing us

CNN Two Baltimore detectives plead guilty in racketeering case Now and then, everyone in this world takes an apple from the fruit stand when the owner isn’t looking but to take the whole stand is a different story. Two ex-Baltimore- … Continue reading

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If they don’t care about themselves, at least ….

Rise in drug-addicted babies prompts judge’s controversial solution If they don’t care about themselves, at least they should have some, I said SHOULD have some, concern for the kids they are bringing into this world, already addicted at birth. Just … Continue reading

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Poetic justice for the Juice

O.J. Simpson asks Nevada parole board for early release I don’t even want to go into the complex/charmed/murderous life of Orenthal. It is beyond belief that a dude in his position could wind-up as he did, on the inside looking … Continue reading

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See how nice the kids play!!!

FOX Shock as teens arrested for alleged sex assault that thousands watched on Facebook live Alleged always makes me laugh. These fools video taped themselves.  In the last few years, there has been a few new things/pastimes added to the … Continue reading

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How much evidence does a jury need??

Jury In Cosby Trial Deadlocked, Judge Instructs Them To Keep Deliberating Just how much evidence does a jury need to convict a serial rapist/molester? The facts and proof of The Coz being a molester is overwhelming.  So much for getting … Continue reading

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Private masseuses anyone??

Chicago inmates can now order pizza directly to their cells Inmates in the Cook County Jail can now order pizza delivered directly to their cells. The medium-security prison has allowed pre-trial detainees to use their commissary to purchase pizza cooked … Continue reading

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