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Quiet an nice stack

Chinese official allegedly hides $33M in bribes: Go big or don’t go at all. BEIJING –  Investigators in China have found more than 200 million yuan ($33 million) in cash at the home of an energy official accused of bribe-taking, … Continue reading

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The scam of purchasing airline flight insurance.  Buyer beware. It is really disheartening knowing that mostly everything in business these days is a scam, especially in the insurance industry. The companies know all well and good that they are out … Continue reading

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Quit fuckin with the veteran and his ducks

Fox News Ohio veteran found guilty, fined over pet ducks:   An Ohio Army veteran who says his pet ducks help relieve his post-traumatic stress disorder and depression has been convicted of a minor misdemeanor for keeping them. Darin Welker … Continue reading

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Classless celebs

It is common knowledge that the “working man/blue collar workers” are the most generous people when it comes to tipping. The following celebs are the cheapest people on the planet and should be ashamed of themselves but they are not. … Continue reading

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Run away train with no conductor

83% CONCERNED FOR THE FUTURE OF AMERICA: Sometime I can’t believe just how naïve people can be. Is it because they are living in a bubble, in a cave, under a rock, on a cloud or because they just refuse … Continue reading

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Surprise Surprise

Gomer Pile used to have a saying:  Surprise, Surprise: Rob Ford wins Toronto city council seat; brother loses mayor’s race: There is a particular/peculiar type of person or people in this world that love to be abused and beat up. … Continue reading

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Better luck next time

Explanation for North Korean leader’s mysterious absence? I was sort of hoping that the “Kid dick-tator” had cashed in. The National Intelligence Service told legislators that a foreign doctor operated on Kim in September or October to remove a cyst … Continue reading

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Politics – “How low can you go”

Calibration issue’ pops up on Maryland voting machines: Calibrations my keaster for Easter. These non-working government comedians had since the last election to make sure the machines were in working order. I am absolutely convinced that there is NOTHING in … Continue reading

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Take your medicine like a big boy

Lets close out the day with an pleasant story and video about two pandas in China that won’t take their meds from the zoo keeper. With all of the nastiness, violence and  demoralizing news lately, it is nice to have … Continue reading

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West Point makes no points

Report: Army Football Lured Recruits With Alcohol, Women: There is nothing else that will turn a young, horney studs head faster than some poontang, booze and a stack of free green backs. Where was I when all of this misbehaving … Continue reading

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