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A big check mark for O’Reilly

Watch is video and see what an phenomenal organization Bill O’Reilly put together to assist our wounded warriors. I say O’Reilly’s actions are very commendable. He is showing his debt of gratitude to the men and women that served … Continue reading

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With the swipe of a pen they are out of the pen

Obama commutes sentences of 22 people in federal prison: It seems to be a trend with the Obama administration to let prisoner out of jail or Gitmo; let them pass go and they do collect $200.00 or more. There is … Continue reading

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Panama City saga gets worse

Florida City ponders spring break restrictions after 7 wounded in house party shooting: In my post yesterday I eluded to the fact that authorities only wait until there is a tragedy before they take measures to eliminate a problem. Last … Continue reading

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DeWayne Hamlin; VA employee of the year

VA hospital chief draws $179G salary despite missing 80 days over 1 year: When is the last time we have seen anyone fired from a government job?? Last one I heard of was a guy that put a gouge in … Continue reading

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She told the reporter “fuck my parents”

Many of our modern day children are a total disgrace and who’s fault is it: Parents; aren’t you just beaming with pride when you see what some of your kids are doing on spring break?  They used to say; they are … Continue reading

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Beware of a Clinton bearing gifts

Lets kiss and make up Hillary: What better place to hide but in plain sight. All of a sudden this VERY crafty lady has a new grandchild, another new hair style, a new email account, why not a new relationship … Continue reading

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Who said white boys can’t dance

Who ever said white boys can’t dance. Guaranteed to put a smile on that sour puss of yours and tickle your funny bone. That is exactly what we need; more laughter. Just in case you are wondering, there are … Continue reading

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