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Same old sad story ….

Fox News Head of U.S. Catholic bishops kept 2 priests accused of abuse in active ministry How is the greatest sinner; the sick-in-the-head pedophile or the supposed normal/intelligent enabler that covers up their despicable crimes? In my opinion, the enabler … Continue reading

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Pepsi Cola pockets, champagne taste

Dem governor’s trips bust state’s $2.6M security and travel budget Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee has reportedly been racking up bills in security and travel expenses, state records show. Records cited by the Seattle Times indicate that the Executive Protection Unit (EPU) … Continue reading

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The Bum and the Scum ….

The most respectable living and breathing animal posing in this picture below is the PUPPY. The other three are unscrupulous scumbags. It takes a certain breed of degenerate to qualify as a scumbag, these three fit the bill to a … Continue reading

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GRAPHIC VIDEO: MMA star knocks out opponent with brutal spinning elbow OMG !Mzwandile Hlongwa with spinning back hellbow KOTorbjorn Madsen is out cold (EFC) — Jolassanda (@Jolassanda) November 3, 2018 That is one devastating technique. He never saw it … Continue reading

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When was the last time ….

Congress should tax wealthy 1 percenters like me to combat cheating like Trump’s: When is the last time ANY president was in favor of passing a bill that would financially affect his bottom line?? None I can think of. Donald … Continue reading

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Listen up Vets ….

Listen up guys and gals that served your country so valiantly; it is out there for the asking, you just have to go get it.  Take some good advice from the Commander and Chief. Although I have a great insurance … Continue reading

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NFL – UFC – no difference – no control ….

This psychopath McGregor absolutely has some very serious issues. After a fight he had in Vegas a few months ago he and his crew went on a rampage that included hurling a metal dolly at the window of a bus … Continue reading

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