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Jesus Christ help us!!

What are the ‘bump stocks’ on the Las Vegas shooter’s guns? I won’t elaborate on this most disturbing news piece at length. This absolutely irresponsibility news clip is beyond belief. It may be the worst example of ignorance I have … Continue reading

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It’s for you – Hellooo – Good Bye

Man, 32, reportedly dies while charging iPhone in the bath In the record book of geniuses, I am sure Richard Bull’s name will not be on the list. It is believed that Bull, like so many other people in the … Continue reading

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When duty calls; for-get-about-it

Fox News Cops caught having sex in patrol car while ignoring robbery call: We all know what is more important to some cops. The ever-so-powerful Poon Tang. Forget about the robbery that was taking place; these two saviors of … Continue reading

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It is not their money

NYC spends $265G to urge people to use restroom of their choice: It is a disgrace that ALL politicians have no respect for the taxpayers money. They spend our money like drunken sailors. The clowns in The Big Apple have … Continue reading

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Talk about imbicles

Arizona college imposes mandatory fee to fund scholarship for illegal immigrants Ok FOLKS; in Arizona; get your wallet open so you can help support undocumented immigrants. Next thing you know, if the bleeding hearts have their way,  they will be … Continue reading

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Does this ring a bell????

When I listened to the video the Governor of Ab-a-lama  made I thought I was having a problem with my hearing aid or experiencing  deja-vu all over again. It sounds eerily similar to this video. What is the deal … Continue reading

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It took the NFL five months to figure it out

Tom Brady likely knew of ‘inappropriate activities,’ Deflategate report says: No shit Sherlock – the NFL better put on some new slewths to handle the delinquents that play for their organization. Anyone that originally bought the nonsense that Brady and … Continue reading

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