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Time to break the chain

REVEILLE – time to wake up folks!! The terror suspect who allegedly attempted to detonate a suicide-bomb in New York came to the United States from Bangladesh as a “chain migration” relative of an individual who had immigrated earlier into … Continue reading

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How do we spell FREEDOM?????

Supreme Court to hear landmark case of baker who turned down gay couple’s wedding request Is it ludicrous,  here in The Land of the Free and home of the BRAVE, the court systems are getting involved as to whether a … Continue reading

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Talk about big balls …….

NBC News source says Matt Lauer will not receive a payout Years back I read a story about some guy that had a cabin in the woods where he went  a couple times a year. Every time he went there, … Continue reading

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They still don’t get it ….

Drone drops leaflets over football stadiums, raising security concerns A drone pilot was arrested on Sunday for allegedly flying a drone over two football stadiums in California, prompting an investigation by federal, state and local law enforcement.  The suspect, who … Continue reading

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CNN whitewash

The headlines on CNN are: Trump to troops; you are really winning since I took office. At first, I said to myself, here PDT goes again blowing his own horn. That was until I listened to the video. reading

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Prisoner in his own Tweedy Cage

FOX NEWS Poor man’s Don King’: Trump takes aim at hoops dad LaVar Ball as feud escalates I have gone the extra mile giving PDT the benefit of the doubt; BUTTTT, this man continues to make a fool out of … Continue reading

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For all the cancer-stick suckers out there …

After watching this video; if you ever lite up again, you need to have your head examined. You are living on borrowed time. When inhaling; breath really deep to get the full effects! If you noticed, the cigarettes were filtered … Continue reading

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