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How do they like their humble pie sandwiches?? With jelly or plain?

If this video is not a great example of back-get or having to eat shit; I don’t know what is!! I ran across this video on Linkedin submitted by a guy name Kevin Di Bacco.  It is probably the most … Continue reading

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In their finest hour ….

Diplomatic disconnect with North Korea spells trouble for Trump In their finest hour, none of the Boulder Rollers could have very accomplished what PDT has so far with NK. All of the critics of PDT’s maneuvers with NK are under … Continue reading

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He didn’t really say that …..

Michael Moore says ‘wimpy’ Dems must bring down Trump Filmmaker calls on Democrats to put their ‘bodies on the line’ to stop the president; Raymond Arroyo shares ‘Friday Follies’ on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ Mush Mouth Moore really didn’t call his … Continue reading

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Sessions rebukes critics who compare border situation to Nazi Germany: ‘Fundamentally, we’re enforcing the law’ What about illegal immigration is it that they don’t understand. Anyone that is in this country ILLEGALLY is breaking the law and must be sent … Continue reading

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Did the Catholic Church say immoral???

Catholic Cardinal Calls Trump’s Immigrant Family Separations ‘Immoral’ Those who live in glass churches should not Roll Boulders. Many years ago, there was a rule of thumb;  any smart person should never mix religion with politics. I guess the cardinal … Continue reading

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What planet are these fools on???

Panelist: Trump lives to divide our country Erin Burnett Out Front Panelists discuss President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel the White House visit for the NFL Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. I don’t know if these fools are from … Continue reading

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Is Joking Joe Joking???

Joe Biden reportedly seriously considering 2020 presidential bid FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on reports former V.P. Joe Biden is meeting with Wall Street executives about a potential 2020 president in 2020. Is Joking Joe Joking??  He has about as much of … Continue reading

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