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Death and or destruction at the doorstep

Kickboxer Scott Marsden Dies at 14 After Collapsing During Title Fight For anyone that hasn’t ever been kicked or punched in the head, they have no idea of how it feels and what the after effects of it can be. … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods advised by doctors to limit activities I bet The Tiger never thought in his wildest dreams that the side poon tang he was getting would have had such a lasting effect on him. Ever since his ex-old-lady nailed … Continue reading

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How low can he go $$$$

  Johnny Manziel reduced to selling selfies at malls Jan. 11, 2017 – 2:03 – Former NFL player Johnny Manziel to make promotional appearances during Super Bowl week, selling autographs and selfies at Texas malls This can fall into … Continue reading

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America meet Brazil

R0usey;  Say Hello To  My Little Friend Nunes: Talk about being taken to the cleaners – out back to the tool shed – getting your clock cleaned – literally getting your ass kicked Brazilian style; those are the lessons Rhonda Rousey learned … Continue reading

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Talk about inconsistancy

Ron Rivera ‘very comfortable’ with decision to bench Cam Newton On one side of the coin, we have a coach that will sideline his # 1 quarterback because he showed up at a news conference wearing a brim and a … Continue reading

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I could not find anything worthwhile to post today, but I did find something away from the daily doldrums that would be a pleasant change of pace. Everyday it is still the same old with the liberal media still in shocked, crying … Continue reading

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Brillant move to shut down the skunks

Rapinoe’s bid to kneel for National Anthem thwarted by opposing team                              Fox News U.S. soccer star and Seattle Reign midfielder Megan Rapinoe was prevented by the opposing team, … Continue reading

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