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Avenatti & Daniels, setting the world right …

Fox Stormy Daniels lawyer Michael Avenatti teases potential 2020 run against Trump Michael Avenatti, the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, set off Independence Day fireworks on Twitter Wednesday when he declared that he would run for president in … Continue reading

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What a kisser on this one ….

  Maxine Waters pushes supporters to fight Trump WH, says ‘the people’ will ‘absolutely harass’ Trump staffers Tell me this isn’t one scary looking hatchet lady. I am going to harass, torment and hassle your kids because I don’t like … Continue reading

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Only if you promise to kill me!!!!

Obama administration allegedly gave Iran access to US financial systems The Obama administration granted a license letting Iran access the United States financial system despite officials’ pledges that they would prohibit it, according to a draft report from the Senate’s … Continue reading

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BBB (Brass Balls Billy)

Bill Clinton says impeachment hearings would have begun already if a Democrat were president Former President Bill Clinton argued Sunday that impeachment hearings would already be in full swing if a Democrat were in the Oval Office and if the … Continue reading

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Is Joking Joe Joking???

Joe Biden reportedly seriously considering 2020 presidential bid FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on reports former V.P. Joe Biden is meeting with Wall Street executives about a potential 2020 president in 2020. Is Joking Joe Joking??  He has about as much of … Continue reading

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Talk about female goolunies…….

Chelsea Clinton: Trump ‘degrades what it means to be an American’ The Trump administration is laden with “cruelty and incompetence and corruption,” and President Trump’s actions degrade America, Chelsea Clinton said in an interview with a British media outlet. My … Continue reading

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Being overly PC can be very costly

Seattle struggling to pay for bike lanes, as costs for ‘visionary’ project balloon to $12 million per mile: report It seems that there are many downsides to the PC correctness movement at the Home of Pike Peak Market. It is … Continue reading

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