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Enough conversation – time for action

I think it is time for PDT to take off the Kid Gloves and put on the boxing gloves with all of the sanctuary cities in the country. It is not bad enough that the citizens of the USA … Continue reading

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Time to put on the brakes

I don’t know if there are laws against or restrictions against cities /states on how they spend taxpayers money.  If there isn’t, there should be. When we have incompetent people at the helm like the honchos in the Big Apple – … Continue reading

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Open the Casa Bianca doors

Obama to UN: World must do more to help refugees Sep. 20, 2016 – 1:46 – President says nations have to follow through ‘even when the politics are hard’ Obama to UN: World must do more to help refugees reading

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We pay them to break the law

It even surprised Gomer Pile that our government/Obama administration  would pay sanctuary cities around the country to break the law.  This is nothing new. It has been in practice for many years but in the last few years has totally … Continue reading

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3rd time a charm? San Francisco to try yet again to give illegal immigrants voting rights: Folks; this one has to be  the ultimate corker. I understand that The Judo Guy is going to allow all of Americans the privilege … Continue reading

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Change of heart??????

Is this the same person that not too long ago said:   Gotta remember; that video camera is running. Not calling the Trumpsters by his name; while  Mrs. O  was delivering her commencement address, she put the wolf on Donald … Continue reading

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Make up your mind honey

UC President Janet Napolitano wants to scrounge up  $25,000,000.00 in Financial Aid To give to Undocumented College Students Where the hell are they getting the money when the government is cutting the military and other entities because we are broke? … Continue reading

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