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Mr. Karma should pay her a visit ….

Violent criminals among illegal immigrants caught in California raid derailed by Dem mayor How can anyone with a 1/10 of a brain wrap their head around a situation like this?? The mayor of a major city in the USA deliberately … Continue reading

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With a 15.00$ pole

  The old saying is; they have a leg up on the competition. We are going to have a new slant on that. They now have a pole up on the the wall!!   With a 15.00$ pole and some … Continue reading

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When stupidity overpowers common-sense

There is a fool born every second. Some dummy is walking by a lamp that does not have a bulb in it and wonders what will happen of he stick his finger or another body part in the empty hole. … Continue reading

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Intelligent people should learn by others mistakes …..

Fox News German teen’s murder sparks national discussion of migrant crime Intelligent people should learn from others mistakes. Key word, intelligent. For the fools that do not seem to know the meaning or definition of intelligent; in·tel·li·gent inˈteləjənt/ adjective adjective: … Continue reading

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I am still waiting for …….

Illegal immigrant urinating in public slashes man who objected, cops say Looks like someone the PC-pathetics might like to have over for dinner, stay in their pad for a few months, ORRRRRR; possibly marry one of the daughters. I am … Continue reading

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I hope their pay-back will come

DOJ threatens to subpoena sanctuary cities – prompting mayors to boycott Trump meeting The Justice Department on Wednesday threatened to subpoena 23 jurisdictions if they don’t turn over information about their “sanctuary” policies — triggering a backlash from mayors across … Continue reading

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Taboo; no fruitcake from the fruitcakes

Fox News People in California face misdemeanor charges for feeding the homeless Talk about inconsistencies!! Strange at it seems, there is a law in The Sunshine State that prohibits anyone from feeding the homeless in public spaces. It may be … Continue reading

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