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Taboo; no fruitcake from the fruitcakes

Fox News People in California face misdemeanor charges for feeding the homeless Talk about inconsistencies!! Strange at it seems, there is a law in The Sunshine State that prohibits anyone from feeding the homeless in public spaces. It may be … Continue reading

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That is the way it should be!!

End chain migration, as Trump wants, and switch to merit-based immigration Who do you think Fidel Castor sent to the USA when he was cleaning house back in 1980? All of his top scientist and professors?  Many of the people … Continue reading

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Bad aim fellas

Merkel hit with tomato during campaign rally in Germany One of the tomatoes thrown at Minnie hit her in the hip and another one hit the moderator. Better luck next time fellas!!. What kind of fool would invite over 1,000,000 … Continue reading

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Back to the grind stone Folks

Good morning all you Gazetters.  We all hit the sack last night with the anticipation we would wake up a winner. These days, just waking up makes us winners. As far as the BIG ONE goes, there was only one … Continue reading

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It is called; CBTBYITA

San Francisco to pay $190G to undocumented immigrant over sanctuary law violation, lawyer says It is called a severe case of CBTBYITA or more commonly known as; Comes Back To Bite You In The Ass. The high-brows call it Karma. … Continue reading

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Brilliant BUT will never fly

President calls for barring immigrants from welfare for five years If the USA is willing to take that gigantic forward, it would save the country over $103 billion in welfare benefits per year. The Heritage Foundation Direct benefits. These include … Continue reading

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Enough conversation – time for action

I think it is time for PDT to take off the Kid Gloves and put on the boxing gloves with all of the sanctuary cities in the country. It is not bad enough that the citizens of the USA … Continue reading

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