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Boy genius – “you got mail”

King of the e-mail:                        In 1978 an Indian American kid named Shiva Ayyadurai, at the age of 14 while he was still in high school was given the task … Continue reading

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Shaw fumbled in the end zone

And the top bullshitting award of the year goes to:              Josh Shaw USC senior football standout has admitted he lied about his nephew drowning in a pool  and injuring his ankle while jumping off of … Continue reading

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USA; listen and learn

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Don’t get caught with your pants down

Weapons Expert Warns About ISIS Militants’ Supply Of Guns And Ammunition: How many times have we heard the cliche “nip it in the bud?” Now is the time to get out the sheers and start nipping. Free dictionary: To nip something … Continue reading

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Way over the top King – take a pill

Enough is enough: Lets be fair fella. Rep. Peter King says Obama wearing a tan suit during a press conference was a metaphor for a “lack of seriousness.”    To that John Stossel would have said Note that … Continue reading

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No crime – no police brutality

It looks like a Washington based group is going to hold classes to attempt to indoctrinate/teach the young kids in the black community on the ways of the revolutionary Black Panther Party. This is not a good idea. The scholars … Continue reading

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Maria was a good lady

Maria Fernandes, Who Worked 4 Jobs, Dies While Napping In Car: According to the headlines this morning the USA has more than 1/3 of Americans in households receiving welfare; many of which are lazy, worthless, free-loaders, thieves that want to … Continue reading

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