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Republicans demand answers over claims Obama gave Hezbollah a pass Anyone that does not believe that Obama would not have hocked his grand dad’s wooden leg or sold his granny’s douche pot to get the Iran deal signed; I want … Continue reading

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Shit talking fools

If talking shit and selling wolf tickets were electricity; Mayweather and McGregor could light up the entire planet for centuries. Being hyped as one of the biggest payday fights of all times; by matching up an undefeated¬† boxer against … Continue reading

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Change of heart??

I find it very unusual that Oprah is interviewing Mrs. O and they seem to be on friendly terms. I said many times; Barrack Obama owes the victory of his 1st election to – Oprah – GWB and Cheney. … Continue reading

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Salty Sam slams reporter

All of the fools that said they were leaving the USA if Trump got elected were just blowing smoke out of their rear tail pipe. It was all conversation. They know when they have a good thing. They know what … Continue reading

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