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The odds are stacking up against him !!!

Penn Jillette says he knows Trump tapes exist, because ‘I was in the room’ I have a lot more faith in what Penn would attest to rather than what the The Queen of Mean would swear on a stack of … Continue reading

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Watch your mouth Boy ….

Pickins must be pretty slim in the land of Boulder Rollers these days.  It seems that since they have not made anything stick on PDT/TTP  (The Teflon President), they are desperately searching for new trash to talk and new mud … Continue reading

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Stick to what you do best ….

(CNN) Le Bron James thinks President Trump is using athletics, and athletes, to split up the country. And he’s rejecting the premise like an opponent’s ill-advised layup.   “What I’ve noticed over the past few months,” James shared with CNN’s … Continue reading

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She is their Top Gun????

Pelosi describes 9/11 attacks as ‘incident,’ suggests GOP weaker on border than Democrats What else  would we expect to come out of this Overdue for retirement old broady’s mouth who been milking the system for decades.  She is an embarrassment … Continue reading

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Democratic House candidate pepper sprays himself to promote gun control A Democratic congressional candidate in Colorado released a campaign ad featuring him being pepper sprayed in the eyes in a bid to encourage non-lethal self-defense tools in schools to deter … Continue reading

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Stupid is as stupid says …..

Nancy Pelosi ‘punted’ on NFL anthem question, critics say I have said it so many times before; if this nit-wit is the Creme Da La Creme for the democratic party, it is no wonder they are as screwed up as … Continue reading

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No one is perfect ..

Trump didn’t know the difference between HPV and HIV, Bill Gates says It seems to me that too many people put more emphasis on PDT’s mannerisms, his communications skills (not very articulate at times I will agree), his lifestyle when … Continue reading

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