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Democratic House candidate pepper sprays himself to promote gun control A Democratic congressional candidate in Colorado released a campaign ad featuring him being pepper sprayed in the eyes in a bid to encourage non-lethal self-defense tools in schools to deter … Continue reading

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Stupid is as stupid says …..

Nancy Pelosi ‘punted’ on NFL anthem question, critics say I have said it so many times before; if this nit-wit is the Creme Da La Creme for the democratic party, it is no wonder they are as screwed up as … Continue reading

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No one is perfect ..

Trump didn’t know the difference between HPV and HIV, Bill Gates says It seems to me that too many people put more emphasis on PDT’s mannerisms, his communications skills (not very articulate at times I will agree), his lifestyle when … Continue reading

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How much can you really hate the guy Johnny Boy???

FOX News ‘I would do it again,’ McCain writes about release of Steele dossier to FBI Just how much can one person hate another?? I guess McCain tells that tale. McCain writes in his new book he was foolish enough … Continue reading

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She hasn’t caught on yet …

Michelle Obama still questioning why women voted for Trump in 2016 Former first lady Michelle Obama said Saturday that she was “concerned about us as women and how we think” in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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I don’t have all the facts yet …..

CBS Rudy Giuliani on Fox News insists Trump did not violate campaign finance laws I see that PDT did it again when he appointed Giuliani to head his legal defense team. Another in a long line of poor choices. Since … Continue reading

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Just like a beat up, old junk car …

Nancy Pelosi’s mistake on identity politics By Carrie Sheffield (CNN) Identity politics is dehumanizing, no matter who your target is. Sadly, Democrats don’t seem to realize this, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, arguably the most powerful Democrat in office. … Continue reading

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