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Take cover – the end is near

Doomsday Clock moved two minutes closer to midnight 01:20 If any of you Goomba Gazetters are on the pessimistic side and believe all the hype of these mad scientists, better go out tonight and get a good steak dinner; maybe make … Continue reading

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Batman & Robin beat the system again

NFL: “We have not made any judgments” on Patriots investigation: What do I say to that  . They know who is guilty. In an interview with a former Patriots player he distinctly said that it was a common practice for … Continue reading

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They treat their animals better

Saudi blogger receives 50 lashings before crowd for insulting Islam: There would be boat loads lot of bloggers going to the post in this country if we had to live under the same oppressive, rigid, archaic, domineering and savage rules … Continue reading

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If it sounds too good to be true it …….

The con game never stops: As long as there is a buck to be made and people to put the burn on, the elixir salesmen come out of the woodwork trying to beat up on the old and feeble minded … Continue reading

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Good for the soul

It is about time the Right Handers start loosening up. The Catholic religion has been its own worst enemy for years with their very staunch teachings and unwavering policies. People like these dancing priests are who is going to bring people to … Continue reading

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No trim for the big man for a long time

Ladies; if you go to the corner to pick up some cancer sticks and a bottle of  Thunderbird for the old man you better take all of your valuables with you.           A lady from New … Continue reading

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Education is the only answer

Public education success story for inner city kids: A great success story of what EDUCATION can do to turn around the despicable conditions that plague our cities and eventual downfall for so many kids. I have been on a … Continue reading

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PC-ness gone wild

Alex Nash, 5, Gets $24 Bill From Friend’s Parents For Missing Birthday Party: PC at its finest. This little tyke,  5-year-old boy  Alex Nash was supposed to attend the party at a local ski park in December, where kids were … Continue reading

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Gross Negligence – another pathetic government story

CBS Eye Opener: Deadly overpass collapse in Ohio JANUARY 20, 2015, 7:01 AM|Tons of concrete crashes onto traffic in a deadly overpass collapse along a major highway in Cincinnati. Does this on purpose (too ridiculous to call it an … Continue reading

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Watch your balls Hawks

Tom Brady likely knew of ‘inappropriate activities,’ Deflategate report says: No shit Sherlock – the NFL better put on some new slewths to handle the delinquents that play for their organization. Anyone that originally bought the nonsense that Brady and … Continue reading

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